The possibility of a free Battlefield 2042 release follows disappointing sales


Electronic Arts is reportedly considering offering some parts of Battlefield 2042 for free.

Apparently, the latest work of Studio Dice, the creator of Battlefield 2042, is in a state of disarray. According to the latest game news and citing the information of a well-known insider, Electronic Arts, as the publisher of Battlefield 2042, intends to examine the possibility of presenting this game in a free-to-play or free form.

It is no secret that Battlefield 2042 did not live up to EA expectations. Although DICE Studios continues to improve the technical condition of this first-person shooter game with the release of updates, its lack of content is still clearly visible compared to the previous games in the series. Battlefield 2042 disappointed many players and caused many to leave; So that the number of players in Steam has reached less than the number of players in Battlefield 5 and even Battlefield 1.

Dice Studios finally broke its silence in 2022 and announced the release of another update for Battlefield 2042. But he did not mention any unresolved issues or future game content. now Tom Henderson, The well-known insider of the gaming industry has claimed that apparently the reason for this was the studio’s uncertainty about the future of Battlefield 2042.

Attack the enemies in Battlefield 2042

In a new video on the state of Dice Studios, Tom Henderson claims that Electronic Arts is exploring the possibility of releasing a portion of Battlefield 2042 for free. Although nothing is known at the moment, it is thought that one of the Portal or Hazard Zone modes will be selected for this purpose. According to this report, the first case is more likely to be chosen; Because Hazard Zone mode only hosts a few hundred players a day and can not have much effect on encouraging players to experience all parts of the game.

As Tom Henderson points out, there is not much time left until Electronic Arts’s financial conference on February 1st. It is possible that the publisher of Battlefield 2042 will share more information about financial performance and possible future changes at this conference.

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Battlefield 2042 game currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox X series platforms | Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC can be experienced. The game was able to get a score of 7 out of 10 in the Zomji review, which we read in summary: “A product that has fun and new ideas, but the lack of proper use of the potential of these ideas has prevented Battlefield 2042 from being as it should be and perhaps a fun product for users.”

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