The possibility of determining the next project of FaramSoft Studio


A member of the Resetera community has released information about the team’s next possible project, claiming to have received a poll from FaramSoft Studio.

Recently, during the game news, a person in the Resetera community shared information that’s apparently related to the team’s next project, claiming to have received a poll from Framesoft Studio. The Red Liquorice user, who works for the community, claimed that Framasoftore’s next project will be a new version of Armored Core and will be developed in the action / third person style.

Red Liquorice went on to claim that the game would be a third-person action / development game directed by Hidtaka Miyazaki Will go forward; A work that will make personalization options available to the player at a high level. Red Liquorice claims that the FramSoft poll states: “In this game you will be on the side of very strong enemies and huge battles that will challenge you in two levels of distance and close combat.”

Apparently, the story of the game was also talked about in the poll in question. In the new episode of Armored Core, governments, private organizations, cults, and mercenaries fight over an alien element; An element that takes human society to a new stage of development. In the description of the game story, we read:

“Melange is an unknown substance that develops human society to a remarkable level. In the past, this element caused a cosmic catastrophe on the planet Bashtar; A catastrophe that also affected nearby stars and destroyed the planet Bashtar. Speculations and searches have now begun to find this item. Now companies, cults, governments, mercenaries and more are looking for this substance. “The protagonist is one of them.”

According to an image released by Red Liquorice from a FramSoft survey, in the following description we can read the (possible) constructive descriptions of the Armored Core 6 gameplay:

Possible details of FaramSoft Studio's next game

“A sci-fi world created by Hidataka Miyazaki:

A special and deep transcendental worldview of the science fiction and multi-layered storytelling genres. The game takes place on the planet Bashtar, which is almost destroyed by a cosmic event; A really large-scale planet that we can expect from a Mecha (robot-centered action) game.

Spacious space that offers a multi-layered world:

In macro and 3D maps of the game, you can feel the scale of the game world. The high variety of maps, with challenging battles and enemies, put you in situations that are clearly designed with great care and finesse. Situations that are worth repeating.

Tension and excitement in long-distance battles and close battles:

The game not only focuses on gun-based combat, but also focuses on the shaping elements of close combat (such as sword and shield combat) and provides gamers with both forms of combat, both remote and close. You have to choose the most suitable option between defensive and offensive techniques against the challenging enemies of the game.

Three-dimensional and dynamic action:

The three-dimensional and dynamic movement mechanisms of the game can not be imitated by any human being! You can take a new level of movement on the map thanks to the special mechanisms that robot suits (Mech) make available to you.

High level of personalization:

To upgrade your cover, you can upgrade every part of your body and weapons of your personality. At a high level of personalization you can create your own robotic cover that works exactly the style of play you like. “From builds used for close combat and fluid movement on the map to builds that focus on firepower and destroying large numbers of enemies.”

Hidtaka Miyazaki, writer and director of Alden Ring, a Japanese studio from Faramosoft

The Resetera blog user further noted that he also watched a video and a series of images of the gameplay of the mentioned game. He noted that he could not share the video on the Internet because of a series of watermarks. He did, however, describe the video in question, which appears to be a demonstration of the game’s quality. Describing this battle, he writes:

“It simply came to our notice then. Remote campaigns [با سلاح‌های گرم] Reminded me of Virtua On. Of course, I’m not a fan of this style of game, and I’ve never experienced the Armored Core series. The main character of the game, who wore a white robot cover, approached his giant enemy and entered into a close war with the enemy using a sword that was supposed to be made of laser or energy. It was quite similar to the Souls series.

Then maps of the tour were captured on the map. Where a player moves on a snow field in pursuit of another set of players (possibly Co-op features). They were moving towards a large wall (or a gate). “Everything from the architecture to the structure of the environment resembled Souls’s games.”

The GameVideo Game Chronicles blog followed up on this issue with Namco’s company, and no confirmation or denial has yet been issued by Namco. For this purpose, Please consider all the contents of this news as a series of speculations. Hidataka Miyazaki’s latest FaramSoft team project, the Alden Ring game on February 25 (March 6) for PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series | The Xbox S Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be available.

What do you think? ‌ Will FaramSoftor go after its old IP and action / science-fiction style after Alden Ring and the dark fantasy genre? Do you think it is possible for Fram Software to introduce its new project to other players through a poll before the release of Alden Ring? Write your comment for Zomji.

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