The possibility of leaving the studio service out of Google’s priority until the brand name is changed


Business Insider says Google has quietly outsourced the studio service and wants to use the technologies used in the service elsewhere.

Business Insider recently published a report quoting people close to Google, saying that the development of the Google Stadia platform is slowly losing its importance to Google, and that the technology giant intends to use the technologies used in its cloud gaming service elsewhere. . The report says that since Google announced the closure of the studio’s first-party studios, it has focused primarily on contracts with Peloton, Capcom and Bungee, which allow companies to leverage Google’s technology and infrastructure to deliver experiences. Use in the field of play.

Business Insider also mentions that Google will launch its new partnerships with these companies under the name Google Stream. According to the report, Google is expected to use technologies that enable studio users to experience games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Destiny in the cloud and with the least delay in sending and receiving information in the Google Stream project. . On the other hand, it seems that Google is no longer willing to negotiate with studios to release big party crunch games in the stadium, and in fact, the expansion of this service is no longer one of their priorities.

Handheld game on Stadia

As mentioned above, one of the companies with which Google has apparently negotiated a deal is Peloton. The media and sports equipment maker is set to partner with Google to allow people to experience video games while using their fitness bikes. Bungee is another company that has talked to Google. Google seems to have suggested to Bungee that it provide the technology needed to launch the studio-specific streaming platform. Bungee is becoming a subsidiary of Sony, and we do not know what effect this deal will have on Destiny Studios’ negotiations with Google.

A third company is Capcom, which, according to the report, may want to make a playable demo of its upcoming games available on its website using the technologies used in Google Studio. One of Google Stadium’s biggest problems is that it has not been able to retain or even increase its users, says Business Insider. The report claims Phil Harrison, Google’s vice president and CEO, and other senior executives wanted the Stadium platform to reach 1 million monthly active users by the end of 2020. Apparently this did not happen and the number of users of this cloud service was 25% less than the target of managers.

Cloud gaming with Google Stadia

Harrison is an experienced player in the gaming industry who has worked for Microsoft and Sony. He has been featured in shows related to the platform since the introduction of Google Studio in 2019. The article states that the ongoing turmoil of gaming companies to buy more studios has greatly worried Google executives. A former Google employee claims that “Google executives were terrified that Microsoft announced it wanted to buy Bethesda.” Google has reacted to a new Business Insider report, saying:

“The studio team is working hard on the future of this platform and the development of cloud gaming.” Google announced in early February last year that it wanted to close all of its in-house studios so it could focus on partnering with Crisp Party Studios. It was after this decision that several senior members of the Steadia team left Google. One of the most important of them Jade RaymondA veteran game developer who set up his own studio after splitting from Google, and now hiring six former studio staff, is now working on a new game for the PlayStation with the support of Sony. Team SweeneyThe CEO of Epic Games also said this spring during the Epic-Apple trial that he noticed that “the studio team has shrunk considerably smaller.”

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