The possibility of releasing a remaster collection of another Xbox game series


Nick Baker of the XboxEra website says Microsoft is building a remastered collection for one of the Xbox series.

According to the latest game news, Nick Baker, The insider and co-founder of the XboxEra website, claims in a new episode of its podcast that Microsoft, like what it did with the Hilo series and released Halo: The Master Chief Collection, is building another remastered collection of games. Old Xbox. Baker, of course, did not mention the name of the series or other details of this possible collection; However, he said that it will probably reach the players in 2023.

The two collections that may be the most remastered collection are Fable and Gears of Wear. We know that Playground Games studio, the creator of the Forza Horizon series, is currently making a reboot of Fable. As a result, Microsoft may plan to release a remastered collection of previous games in the action-plot series before rebooting Fable.

Fable Anniversary game poster

The Coalition studio, on the other hand, has been focusing on using Unreal Engine 5 for some time. Also, their future games are to be made with this powerful engine. Perhaps not surprisingly, they are building a remastered Gears of Wear collection, as they can strengthen their ability to work with Unreal Engine 5 and prepare for the development of the Gears 6 with an epic engine.

Of course, as always, it should be borne in mind that all of the above are unofficial or speculative reports and can not be said with certainty at this time. However, if Baker’s claim comes true and such a remaster collection is released in 2023, it may be a long time before official approval and the release of its information and displays.

If the rumor of this rumor is true, which game series do you think is going to receive a remaster collection? Fable, Gears of Wear or another collection? Share your comments with us.

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