The possibility of releasing the new first person shooter game of Rispaun Studio in 2025


Recently, a report was released by Gamesbit announcing the development of a first-person shooting game by Response Studio.

Respawn Entertainment can be considered one of the most important electronic arts studios that, with the support of Apex Legends game, are offering an interesting and exciting experience to its fans. Now it seems that the developer of the Titanfall game series is working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 and a new first-person shooter game at the same time.

recently محمد علوی After 11 years of activity, he left Rispaun Studios, and according to a report published by Gamesbit, he was working as a director on a new project. The report states that after Mohammad Alavi left the studio, the mentioned project will continue and we are on the side of a first-person shooter AAA game. Of course, I should mention that the news source says that this Respawn game will not be the third version of Titanfall.

However, it was announced that this new game is similar to the Titan Fall series in terms of structure and dynamics. In the end, it is clear that the game will be in the early stages of development next year and beyond, and Electronic Arts has set a time frame of 2024 to 2025 for the game to be released. With these interpretations, we have to wait and see what information Electronic Arts and Response Entertainment Studio will make available from this game.

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