The possibility of the return of two characters from the Marvel movie world in The Marvels


According to the video released by one of the actors in The Marvels movie, apparently two characters from the Marvel movie world are supposed to be present in this movie.

It’s been a while since the filming and production of The Marvels was completed, and the film is in the post-production stages, but not much information is available about Captain Marvel 2. Now in the latest Movie and TV newsThe presence of more actors has apparently been revealed in the Captain Marvel movie sequel. Zenobia Shrove, The role of Maniba Khan (mother of Kamala Khan) in the series Ms. Marvel and the movie The Marvels were present, and he posted a video on his Instagram in which we see a behind-the-scenes photo of the Marvels movie production.

In this picture on the wall, we see the photos of some actors, and if you are a little careful, you can see the picture Tessa Thompson, Valkyrie and Lashana Lynch, Starring Maria Rambo with the other cast of Captain Marvel 2. The scene of Maria Rambo in Marvels is likely to be a flashback that could be related to Carol Danvers and her daughter Monica Rambo. As for the Valkyrie scene, it is not yet clear how important Tessa Thompson’s role in The Marvels could be, but it has not yet been officially confirmed and we have to look at it through rumors.

Pictures of the actors on the wall behind the scenes of The Marvels

Picture of Tessa Thompson and Lashanna Lynch on the wall behind the scenes of The Marvels

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Barry Larson In the role of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), Tuna Press In the role of Monica Rambo, Iman Valani In the role of Kamala Khan (Miss Marvel), Zoe Ashton In the role of the villain and the villain of the film and Seo-Jun Park, Are among the actors who will appear in The Marvels and will play roles. There are also rumors of a return جود لا He is also heard in the role of Ian Rag. نیا داکوستا, Directed works such as Little Woods and Candyman, directed The Marvels based on a screenplay by Megan McDonnell, Is the author of the WandaVision series.

The Marvels is scheduled for release on February 17, 2023 (February 28, 1401). Also the series Ms. Marvel is scheduled to be released on Disney Plus in the summer of 2022.

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