The production of three new Star Wars games has been approved by Rispaun


Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts have announced the production of three new Star Wars games by Response Entertainment Studios.

A few minutes ago, Electronic Arts confirmed the production of three new games from the world of Star Wars. The development of these games will be done under the new agreement of Locasfilm Games and Electronic Arts by Response Entertainment Studio. Vince Zampla, founder of Rispaun Studios, will also oversee the development of these new projects.

The first confirmed game will be the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, which has been rumored for some time. The process of making this game continues in the main studio Respawn and like the previous version directed by Stig Asmussen. No further details have been released on the game’s official story or title, but rumors suggest a possible introduction to the game on May 4 (World Star Wars Day).

In addition to the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, Electronic Arts has confirmed that production of a new FPS game has begun at Respawn Studios. Direct this game Peter Hirschman Who is one of the veteran game makers of the Star Wars series. He has authored several games from the Medal of Honor series and produced games such as the original versions of Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Douglas Riley, CEO of Lucasfilm Games, says of these new projects:

We are very excited to continue working with the talented developers of Respona Studio. They have an amazing ability to tell epic Star Wars stories along with the skill of designing the best possible gameplay in different genres, and we look forward to creating new experiences in a very distant galaxy together.

The third game introduced by Electronic Arts will be a new project in the strategic style. According to the published information, the process of making this game has just started in the newly established Bit Reactor studio. The members of this studio are former Firaxis Games game developers who have experience working on games such as XCOM and Civilization. Rispaun Studios is responsible for producing and overseeing the project, and Greg Foerstch, a former 2K Games game developer and art director for XCOM 2, is directing the game. No further details on the gameplay of this game or the possible year of release have been released yet.

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