The PS5 version of Fall Guys is likely to be released in the near future


Fall Guys has been released on PlayStation 4 and PC. But apparently the PS5 version will be available soon.

Mediatonic Studios, owned by Epic Games, is now advancing season 6 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This special and funny Battle Royale was released in August 2020 for the PS4 console and PC platform. It now looks like a PlayStation 5 version will be available to gamers soon. Of course, players can now experience the 8th generation version of Fallout on the PS5 console without any problems. But definitely if a PlayStation 5 version is released, Fall Guys could be a technical breakthrough on Sony’s 9th generation console.

The PlayStation Game Size account on Twitter reported that a beta version of the PlayStation 5 False Games has been added to the PSN (PlayStation Network) database. As a result, with the new report from this source, whose information has been proven many times, the developers may be doing the final work for the release of the PS5 console version.

Meanwhile, we expect that during 2022, the production team will finally announce when Fall Guys will be available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Xbox X Series | Xbox S Series is available.

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