The release date of the first trailer of the Moon Knight series has been determined; Play new teaser


Finally, Marvel Studio released a short teaser to determine when we can see the first trailer. Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac.

According to the newest Movie and TV newsThe release date of the first trailer of the Moon Knight series has been determined. Marvel Studios has released a short teaser announcing that the first trailer for The Knight of the Moon series will be released on Monday this week during the NFL Super Wild Card, which airs on ABC and ESPN. So we have to wait for this trailer during the morning of Tuesday, but the exact time of the trailer has not been determined yet.

Also during this short teaser, we see more images of the events of the Moon Knight series, in which Mark Spector turns into Moon Knight and apparently is punching a supernatural creature whose identity is not currently known. This teaser also shows the official appearance of the Knight of the Moon. During the teaser, you can also see the presence of Eaton Hawk, who is said to play the role of the evil and negative character of the Moon Knight series. You can watch this short teaser below:

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Recently, there has been a rumor that the weekly broadcast of the Moon Knight series will start on March 30, 2022 (April 10, 1401) from Disney Plus, but this issue has not been officially announced yet and it is expected that this issue will be officially released at the same time as the series trailer. To be announced. The Moon Knight series is set to be aired in six episodes, each lasting 40 to 50 episodes.

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Oscar Isaac، Ethan Hawke And می کالاماوی, Are among the actors whose presence in the Moon Knight series has been confirmed and announced so far. محمد دیاب، Justin Benson and Aaron Morehead, They will direct the Moon Knight series, in which, in addition to directing, Diab will also play the role of Schwarner in the Moon Knight series. also Jeremy Slater, The writer of The Umbrella Academy, is in charge of writing the screenplay for the Moon Knight series, in which he will also play the lead role of the writers’ team.

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