The release of Deviation Games Studio shooter for PS5 in 2024


A new rumor has it that Deviation Games Studios’ exclusive shooter game includes both multiplayer and highly focused single-player sections.

Based on information on LinkedIn, we know that Deviation Games, with one studio in the United States and one studio in Canada, now has more than 110 game makers. New job postings show that the number of team members will increase soon. According to the latest game news coming out of the new Oops Leaks account tweets, the team’s shooter game will probably be released in 2024 for the PlayStation 5.

Months ago, it was officially announced that Deviation Games was working with Sony XDev Studios to produce a PS5 exclusive; Released under the PS Studios brand, it benefits from the financial and technical support of Sony’s interactive entertainment division. Jason BlandellFormer director of Treyarch Studios and Dave AnthonyDirector of Call of Duty: Black Ops are one of the most important game developers of Deviation Games.

The account, which has been hailed by some as an anonymous insider after the game was officially announced before it was officially announced, explained that the shooter game will include a single-player campaign with a strong focus on storytelling as well as a multiplayer experience for gamers. Many members of Deviation Games have a history of working on shooter games.

Deviation Games collaboration with Sony PlayStation

Based on the details of the job advertisements and the history of the team members, the players guessed that the new game of Deviation Games Studio is essentially an action shooter, whose gameplay in some sections also includes RPG (role-creating) elements. They also realized that the game would apparently include both an online section and a single-player story section. The claim of this unofficial source now fits with those hypotheses.

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The source of the rumor says that the product in question is a world-class first-person shooter game and ambitious projects that have been supported for years. As a result, Deviation Games Studios is likely to be one of Sony’s “10 live service games by 2026.” If the rumors are true, the game will have multiple multiplayer modes, and may even include more single-player story-based campaigns over time. In the meantime, the game’s multiplayer modes will apparently deliver both arcade and professional competition experiences to players.

Jason Blandell said a few weeks ago that the developers attach great importance to the PS5 game console’s storytelling with attractive gameplay, and the project will enter the main stage of production in 2022. According to a new rumor, we may see the official game news about this product before the end of this year. In the end, we only find out over time and after the full and official introduction of this game whether the rumor in question was true or not.

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