The return of Jeff Kelly and the Summer Game Fest in the summer of 2022


Next summer, the Summer Game Fest 2022 event will be hosted by Jeff Kelly.

Shortly after the Game Awards 2021 event hosted by Jeff Kelly, during the last Game News It has been revealed that Jeff Kelly will return in the summer of 2022 with the Summer Game Fest event. Summer Game Fest was one of the events that during the corona pandemic and the cancellation of conferences such as E3, was able to convey a significant volume of unveilings and summer news of the game world to players and enthusiasts.

While the news of the E3 2022 event was officially announced online a few hours ago, it was revealed that the summer of 2022 will see the return of Jeff Kelly and the Summer Game Fast event. As the event approaches, more details about the participants and the timing of the conference will be announced. Over the past two years, with the event becoming more well-known, Summer Game Fest has become another annual event, so prominent studios and publishers have decided to join Jeff Kelly in hosting the event.

According to the shows of 2021, what trailers and introductory games do you think we will have in Summer Game Fest 2022? Keep in mind that 2022 is one of those exciting years for the release of great games, and it is likely that Summer Game Fest 2022 will be one of the busiest and hottest events Jeff Kelly has ever hosted.

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