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In this article, we will first answer the unanswered questions of the God of War 2018, and then we will predict some events of the next version based on the Norse world.

God of War 2018 left many questions unanswered; Questions that, even with complete control of the Norse world, can not be answered definitively. Because God had an independent narrative, and perhaps at times he took a completely unexpected path that no one could have imagined. God of War 2018 was released today for the PC platform, and its sequel is scheduled for release in 2022.

If you are still unfamiliar with the Norse world and have questions about its characters or events, I suggest you read Zumji’s previous article on the history of Norse or Norse mythology.

The details of Gad O War 2018 events and some of its previous versions will be revealed below.

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Kratos in God of War 3

What happened to Kratos in the previous versions?

If you are a little familiar with the world of video games, you know that wherever the name of violence is, the name of Kritos shines. From the very first version, he slaughtered everyone in his path in the worst possible way, and this unbridled violence and his great power have made him so popular. If you still do not know the motives of Kratos for the massacre of the gods, we have fully covered this in the past, which you can read in Zomji.

Kratos enters the Norse world

From the very beginning of the game, you may have wondered how Kratos got out of the northern world? Or how did he survive the sword of the third version at all? You might have expected this question to be answered during God of War 2018. Although this issue was not mentioned in the game, but in the novel and book Lore and Legends, this game has dealt with this issue.

Apparently Kratos can not die on his own. Is this part of the curse that the prophet put on him after Cretus killed his wife and daughter?

After Cretus survived, he was confused. The struggle for relief from suffering continued for years. This was until Kratos encountered three wolves (apparently Scul and Hattie) on his way. Before Cretus can react, the wolves surprise him and take him into the northern world. After a while, Kratos meets Phi. Fighters who were both tired of fighting and chose to start a new life away from bloodshed. The result of this life is their son Atreus, who accompanies his father in the story of Gad.

Kratos in God of War 2018

The god of war returns

Gad’s events begin with the mourning of Cretus and Atreus for their loved one. Phi’s last request to the father and son was to spread his ashes from the highest peak of the 9 realms. This may seem like a simple idea, but it is so important that it determines the fate of the Norse world. Because the father and son are charting events along the way that make Regnarok happen hundreds of years earlier than expected.

How does Gad’s portray the Norse world?

Early warfare is very important in the story of Gad O War, and their effects can still be seen in the game world after many years. If you are familiar with the collection of gods of war, then you know that it does not show a very good image of the gods of myth. This feature is known as Gad O’s signature and we can see it clearly in the 2018 version. The stories told by Odin and Tour during the game depict them in the most brutal way possible. Odin does everything he can to acquire knowledge, and wherever he goes, he brings with him death.

Following the not-so-interesting past of Odin and the Giants, everyone’s father travels to Jottenheim to make peace with the Giants. But it does not take long for the Giants to learn of Odin’s real purpose, which is to steal their secret knowledge, and expel him from Jottenheim. Odin became very angry and ordered Tour to kill all the Midgard giants.

After this incident, the giants seek help to save their lives from the arrow and close the entrance to Juttenheim so that the captive gods do not slaughter more of them. Following this incident, the only giant to be seen later in Midgard is Jurmangander. This giant snake travels in time after a fierce battle with the net and returns to before its birth. Of course, we should not forget that Phi was also a giant who magically hid himself from the captive gods.

Kritos and Atreus in Gad O War 2018

The most famous theories and unanswered questions of Gad O War 2018

God of War 2018 left many questions unanswered that only a sequel can answer. Here are some of the questions and the most famous theories related to them.

If the Giants had blocked the entrance of Odin and Tor to Juttenheim, then why did the only bodies of the Giants remain when Cretus and Atreus arrived in this realm?

The most famous theory related to this question explains that because time varies across territories and is faster in Eutenheim, Regnarok has already occurred there. Others believe that what we saw at the end of the game was nothing more than an illusion and that the giants hid themselves.

Whose body did Atreus embrace in the Juttenheim murals?

Certainly the first person that came to our minds was Kritos. But if we look at this man’s costume with Kratos in other paintings, we find that they bear no resemblance. Some believe he is actually an arrow.

How do Loki’s children come to Ragnarok?

Playing with time is one of the things that is used to answer this question.

The eagle is my helmetWho was the eagle we saw in Halleheim?

In fact, this bird was supposed to be one of the bosses of the game, but the lack of time and facilities did not provide this opportunity for the creators; An idea that might be implemented in Regnarok. In Norse mythology, an eagle with these characteristics is seen. He creates wind currents in the territories by moving his wings. His name is Hr├Žsvelgr, which translates as one who devours souls. So his presence in Helheim is quite logical. Some also believe that he is the cause of the fall of Winter.

Who blew the trumpet and called Yurmangander?

After Atreus gets seriously ill and loses consciousness due to his anger in the game, Kratos decides to take him to Freya. In the same direction, the sound of the trumpet, which is used to sound the Jurmangander, was heard. It was not clear who this person was and we are expected to get our answers in the same way as Regnarok, like the other questions. Heimdall, Engerbuda, and Atreus of the Future are some of the most famous theories offered to answer this question.

Why did the king of the dark elves tell Cretus and Atreus that they made a big mistake by letting go of the light of the elves?

The last question, which fortunately does not remain unanswered, is related to what happened in Al-Fahim. You must have wondered why the king of the dark elves told Cretus and Atreus before his death that they had made a big mistake by releasing the light of the elves. In fact, the light of my elf is a bridge for the passage of souls to my helm. But the capacity of the realm of the dead is full, and there is no mention of the Valkyries controlling the situation. This is why we encounter a bunch of draggers and holocausters over and over again during the game. The dark elves only wanted to prevent the situation from getting worse by masking the light of the elves.

Gad O War Regnarok Game Logo

Predicting some of the events of God of War Ragnarok

Gad’s collection has proven time and time again that it can tell an independent and unpredictable story, despite being inspired by mythology. So even people with complete knowledge of Norse mythology can not fully predict what will happen in the next version. We should also not forget that so far only one trailer of the game has been released. With this in mind, we will now turn to Gad O’s most famous theories and predictions, such as Regnarok.

  • Finally, in a part of the game, the player experiences the role of Atreus.
  • Odin returned the powers of Freya to him, and with him sent Torus to Cretus and Atreus.
  • Baldur, Magnie and Modi are likely to appear in Gad O Ware Regnarok.
  • Atreus and Angerbuda use magic or time travel to bring springs and push.
  • Phi’s ashes, which the father and son played at the end of the game, actually bring the giants back from death, which is why Phi made such a request to these two people before his death.
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If you think that God-like Regnarog will lead to an ending similar to the third version and the slaughter of all the gods, you have to keep one thing in mind. Kratos no longer seeks change and pursues different goals. Why did you kill Baldur, Magni and Modi then? I must say that it was not Cretus who went to them and just because they were on their way and had no choice but to kill them to protect Atreus.

How do you think Gad’s events are like in Regnarok? Do Cretus also slaughter the gods of the land one after the other, or do things turn out differently? We are waiting for your predictions and theories.

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