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George Clooney’s new film The Tender Bar is slightly ahead of his previous two films. But given the quality of those works, this relative improvement is not a great achievement at all.

George Clooney’s new work unfortunately has a superficial narrative, and the audience in this film often witnesses the sudden occurrence of various events; Without a logical process for the story to reach them

The Tender Bar is the narrator جی. R. Is; A boy who realizes from childhood that there will be no news of his father in his life and must live with his mother. Economic conditions take the two to their grandfather’s house. As much as the mother hates this old, crowded and troubled space, Jay. R. He loves it. Being in this house means failure in life for the mother; That is, with the failure of efforts and return to the first house. But the boy sees this through the eyes of a crowded society full of different and interesting people, which makes him not alone in life.

From the moment the main characters are introduced to the audience, it is clear that The Tender Bar does not intend to do anything weird, nor can it do anything other than tell a normal story. However, the atmosphere of the house, the mental condition of Jay. R. And most importantly, Uncle Charlie’s presence with a plan بن افلک, Have accompanied the target audience with the story. None of them are special story elements. But at the peak of repetition, they use a simple and acceptable tension.

Fortunately, this is not about the script’s exaggerated emphasis on the characters’ complete misery. Of course, shortcomings can be seen in their lives. But the screenplay for The Tender Bar William Monahan It does not beg the audience to feel sorry for these people. Because the essence of the story is about their lives moving forward in spite of all the problems; About the fact that the general flow of life does not stop easily.

Ben Affleck talking to a kid at The Tender Bar

When we look at the work from this angle, we can be satisfied with several parts of the script. For example, it should be said that defeats and victories are really spread in the story and have given it a simple and good credibility. Because the last kind of storytelling this work needed was too dramatized; A story in which a character just fails and then suddenly can achieve great success by playing exciting music in a few cuts. This is not the kind of narrative here.

Amazon Prime online video for The Tender Bar, directed by George Clooney and starring Ben Affleck

It should not be forgotten that the source of the adaptation of The Tender Bar is real memoirs and notes. Since the film itself emphasizes this point from the beginning, it is kind of heartwarming that when you see the work, you still feel like flipping through a diary. Of course, none of the above points eliminate the serious weaknesses of the work in describing and expanding the key moments of the story.

For example, it is clear that in one part of the story we have to witness the new dialogue of character A with character B and see the complete abandonment of one of them by the other. Because the film, like many other Hollywood films, works from the beginning to make the audience understand where the story is going. Ironically, this confrontation, when it comes, thanks to the good role-playing of the actors, is able to do the work desired by the production team; Not that we are on the side of a memorable sequence, but we can accept it. However, how the film got to the scene in question can simply be considered ridiculous and unacceptable.

How many times do we see that the film does not manage to tell a long story? As a result, it seems that every time the audience is a part of Jay’s life for a few minutes. R. Watches and then moves on to the next section. The nature of the characters’ relationship and the seriousness of their decisions can change in a matter of minutes without any narrative background.

The Tender Bar and Ben Affleck Examining the Boy's Writings

The same problem enters into the nature of all the failures and successes of the main character in a bigger way. As a result, the viewer does not take his fall and stop seriously, nor does his success seem like an achievement. We never got it right to Jay. R. We do not get along. Here only the spectator sees that he fails, succeeds or struggles with certain emotions. But is there ever an identification between us and the character? No. How many minutes are we eager to face his success? No. Do not fail any Jay. R. In the mind of the audience, can it become more than just a fictional event? Not again.

Ben Affleck is undoubtedly the film’s main strength, turning a simple character into an influential force in Jay’s life. R. he does

The film only manages to create a general accompaniment between the audience and the story. That’s why the right parts of it, including the group breakfast at school, have answered, and at the same time, the new Clooney composition lacks a deep narrative experience. The independent power of each part of the film can only lead to the formation of a remarkable and memorable work if there is a proper connection between these parts.

Unfortunately, the film tells the story so superficially that even between some of the characters’ behaviors in different situations, one can feel the narrative contradiction; A contradiction that lowers the logic of the story and the impact of the whole narrative. All of these problems also become more serious when one has to accept that the effect in question can really be considered standard in most sections at best. The culmination of Clooney’s visual creativity in the film may be related to placing the radio in the background in some of the scenes. So the audience in this film almost only hears the story and sees the role-playing. As a result, any lack of storytelling becomes very apparent.

The movie The Tender Bar George Clooney and the picture of a boy in the arms of a mother separated from his father

This point can also highlight some of the strengths of the work; Positive points such as the acceptable performance of the child actor and most importantly the work that Ben Affleck does with the role of Uncle Charlie. He keeps the character coherent and noticeable even among the sequences that depict very different manifestations of this multi-linear and very simple character. Charlie’s vulnerability, while resilient, is a key element in The Tender Bar, and it is safe to say that it was not the script but Ben Affleck who brought the two opposing traits to the film at the same time.

Uncle Charlie may not be a good fighter at all, but he always looks strong and resilient. He can appear sometimes insensitive and sometimes full of emotions. To this combination must be added the constant joy and sorrow that flowed in his life and, of course, the opposing purpose and aimlessness and at the same time his uncle. Such a film is by no means high enough to allow everyone to see the elegance of the actor’s work. But Affleck knows from beginning to end what he’s going to do with this kind of depiction of Uncle Charlie.

Boy Talking to New York Times Editor in The Tender Bar on Amazon Prime Video

The Tender Bar is a little ahead of The Midnight Sky and Suburbicon (two previous works directed by George Clooney), which are not as boring and endless as they are. Here, at least, the audience does not face a very serious problem in recognizing the essence of the story and the characters. As a result, if he likes the story settings and the plot, he will be able to find acceptable seconds in the work in question so much that he will not be bothered to watch the work.

Also, unlike those two films, which are examples of a very serious waste of the acting team’s capabilities, The Tender Bar does not prevent the success of Ty Schreiden and Ben Affleck in capturing the audience’s attention, at least in a few scenes. Clooney’s new production is simply one of the works of the day that you will see if you watch most of the new movies. Eventually you will probably have no reason to hate it; It’s also a reason to remember it.

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