The total number of HBO and HBO Max subscribers reached 73.8 million


Warner Bros. confirmed that HBO Max and HBO have a total of about 73.8 million subscribers.

Jason Killard, CEO of WarnerMedia, mentions 2021 as the year in which HBO Max finally began to move towards success. Warner had long hoped that by the end of 2021, HBO Max and HBO would have a combined 73 million subscribers. We now know that they have a total of 73.8 million subscribers.

Warner has promised to release more information soon to determine how many subscribers live in the United States. Meanwhile, according to a contract previously signed with Sky, the company may not be able to activate the HBO Max online network in some countries until 2024.

Peacemaker series James Gunn It hits HBO Max online on January 13, and Warner hopes to continue offering compelling content to audiences in the coming months. The company will soon experience a major change and become part of Warner Bros. Discovery. Aside from all of the above, Killard Warner intends to address some of the problems with HBO Max software in the near future.

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