There are more than 40 machine creatures in Horizon Forbidden West


The Horizon Forbidden West handbook tells the story of more than 40 machine creatures in this Gorilla Games studio open-world role-playing game.

Horizon Forbidden West is becoming a very open-world map-making product, and its 656-page handbook is another clear example of this claim. Citing the latest game news, Future Press confirmed that the hardcover book will be available in late March and includes a detailed analysis of what fans should expect from Gorilla Games Studio’s upcoming game.

More than 200 pages of the Horizon Forbidden West handbook are dedicated to the game machine creatures that players encounter during their adventures, and there are more than 40 of them. The description on the back of the book also states: “Learn how to escape all attacks by machine creatures and always have the best approach to eradicating them.” You have to keep in mind that there were almost 26 different types of enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn; Therefore, the variety of enemies in Horizon Forbidden West is much greater than the first version.

You can pre-order the Horizon Forbidden West game guide from the Amazon Store, which will be released on March 31, 2022 (April 11, 1401). It is unfortunate that this handbook will not be available to players at the time of the game’s release on February 18th. Some time ago, Horizon Forbidden West received the age rating of T or suitable for teenagers 13 years and older, which is similar to the first version. PlayStation 5 users should prepare about 90 GB of console storage space for the gaming experience.

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