Thermometer: From the purchase of bungee by Sony to Atari and NFT


In this week’s thermometer, as we promised, we will buy a bungee from Sony, talk about Atari and NFT, and review the approval of the GTA VI.

During the last seven days, a lot has happened in the world of entertainment, the most important of which is the purchase of a bungee by Sony. The news we promised to cover in this week’s thermometer. Next, we look at Atari and his strange entry into the world of NFTs. Input that started with combining NFT with lots of boxes! In this week’s thermometer, we review this news.

But perhaps after the acquisition of Sony, the most important news of the last seven days was the confirmation of the GTA VI by Rockstar. The thing that was announced with a tweet and the sad news was that Rockstar did not publish any pictures, videos or even the logo of this game and only one tweet about this game. In this thermometer, we get a little stuck to Rockstar.

In the following, we will talk about the postponement of the first season of Battlefield 2042, and we will talk about Paramount and the confirmation of the production of the sixth part of the movie Scream. If you want to be informed about the most important news of the last week, do not miss the thermometer:

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