Three or four games being developed by EA have not yet been announced


Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, said the company has three or four unannounced works under construction.

Players are more or less familiar with many of EA’s ongoing games. But Andrew WilsonSome of them have not been officially announced yet, said Electronic Arts CEO. “We are not ready to provide complete information right now, and we usually do not do that at this time of year,” he explained of EA’s overall plans. But we have a few references to our plans. It is clear that paying attention to the main works belonging to us plays a key role in the growth of the company; Works such as the FIFA game series and live services connected to it. The same is true of the Madden NFL game series, the NHL game series, and our other sports games.

Apex Legends is clearly still evolving and showing amazing growth. We will also have an Apex Legends mobile game on the market that we do not yet know exactly when it will launch. We have a Need for Speed ​​game under construction and there are three or four works that we have not introduced yet. But you can imagine how year after year we are constantly trying to find new ways to expand the work offered by Electronic Arts. Do this by releasing new games, creating new collections, offering add-on packages, and buying [استودیوها] We will do it”.

Logo of Electronic Arts and Codmasters companies

Andrew Wilson’s reference to the new Need for Speed ​​game before dealing with “3 or 4 unannounced effects” made us guess that Electronic Arts was referring to games that were not really introduced at all; Nine such games as Response Studio’s new Star Wars shooter, Star Wars Jedi, and the new Star Wars strategy game that EA officially introduced to fans. After all, we do not even know the full name of the Need for Speed ​​game in question right now, and only EA has said that Criterion Games Studio will make it. But apparently Wilson considers that Need for Speed ​​a introduced game.

EA CEO finally said that Electronic Arts is currently fully accepting the purchases it has completed. Codemasters, Glu Mobile, Metalhead Software and Playdemic joined EA in 2021. However, Electronic Arts continues to explore the market. In fact, according to the latest game news, EA will be looking for opportunities to buy more and bigger.

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