Tim Schaefer: I want Studio’s next game to be the original double file


Tim Schaefer, founder of Double File Studio and director of Psychonauts 2, loves to create a whole new and original series.

Tim Schaefer, Founder of Double Fine Studios and creator of games such as Psychonauts and Grim Fandango, recently won the New York Videogame Critics Circle for Best Game of the Year with Psychonauts 2. He has given an interview to IGN in this regard and says that now that Psychonats 2 has been released, he wants Double Fine to go for a completely new and original IP for his next game.

“I’ve worked on other games that were a sequel to their previous episodes,” explains the experienced gamer. But the most important sequel I made to continue a great story was Psychonauts 2. I think making this game has encouraged me to start making a new and original game in the next step. “I am currently working on an idea for the next work.”

Double Fine is one of the Xbox subsidiaries. The interviewer asks Schaefer if there is an IP or game set on Xbox that has caught his eye. He says Brad Meyer, a former Double Fine designer and programmer, offered to work on Warcraft Adventures; A blizzard adventure that never saw the light of day. Schaefer, of course, reiterates that the studio wants to focus on creating original IPs and is not interested in working on other companies’ games.

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