Ubisoft defends adding NFT to games


Nicola Poe, a senior executive at Ubisoft, defends the presence of NFTs in the company’s games, saying gamers do not currently understand the benefits of the system.

Nicola Poe, Ubisoft’s Deputy Director of Strategic Innovation, recently interviewed the Australian financial website Finder, in which he defended the company’s plans to add NFTs (irrevocable tokens in the field of cryptocurrencies) to its games. Ubisoft’s actions in this regard, however, have been criticized by many players. Regarding the reaction of gamers to the introduction of Ubisoft’s new NFT system called Quartz, Poe says:

“We expected a lot of people to react negatively to this. We know that such a system is difficult to understand and digest. But fresh quartz is our first step toward a larger system; “A system that will be easier for our players to understand.” Poe went on to say that the negative feedback from players was not due to concerns about the details of the system itself, but because they could not understand what benefits NFTs would bring to gamers:

“I do not think gamers realize how profitable a digital secondary market can be. Gamers, because of the current state of NFTs and their peripheries, think that using this technology in the first place will destroy the planet, and that its future is not at all clear. But what we at Ubisoft pay attention to is the goal we want to achieve with NFTs. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for players to sell their in-game items; Items that either do not want to finish the game or have not finished the game, but no longer need them. Implementing such a system is to the benefit of gamers. “Of course, they are currently unable to understand this.”

Ubisoft Quartz system for selling digital items in NFT format

Stalker 2 developer GSC Game World Studios was forced to back down from using NFTs in the game due to a negative reaction from fans. The interviewer asks Poe about this, and he continues to insist that players do not understand the irreplaceable tokens and their benefits: “I get upset when I see people taking a stand against a misunderstanding. Of course, I do not think that the plans of Stacker 2 developers can be compared to what we want to do with the Quartz system. I believe that these two cases are not similar to each other. “They are also not comparable in terms of application for players.”

During this time, Ubisoft has been trying to promote Quartz as a useful and functional system. However, Kotako media recently published a report claiming that a number of employees of the French company were unhappy with the management’s decision to add NFTs to the games. Kotako says various employees at MANA, a social network for Ubisoft staff, have expressed frustration with the introduction of the Ubisoft Quartz platform. For example, one of these people writes in a message: “Was the introduction of such a system worth it to tarnish the image of Ubisoft among players?”

NFTs, non-exchangeable tokens

A number of gaming companies, including Konami and Atari, have recently started selling digital items to users in NFT format. Square Enix is ​​the newest company to enter this new field of technology. Recently, we had Sega that registered the Sega NFT brand. Interestingly Troy Baker, The famous video game voice actor, announced that in collaboration with Voiceverse NFT, he wants to give people the opportunity to purchase recorded AI sounds in NFT format.

A group of players condemn the actions of gaming companies in this regard and believe that NFTs should not be used because they play a major role in carbon emissions and global warming. On the other hand, many believe that selling items in NFT format is not going to benefit the consumer and that the profits will ultimately go to the game developers. However, despite the growing desire of some companies to enter the NFT field, a recent GDC (Game Developers Conference) survey shows that 70% of game developers are not interested in using irreplaceable tokens in their games.

What do you think about using NFT in video games? Let us know what you think.

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