Ubisoft Plus not available for PlayStation


The French company Ubisoft announced that it does not currently have any plans to launch the Ubisoft Plus service on PlayStation consoles.

Ubisoft recently officially announced that Xbox users will soon be able to become Ubisoft + service subscribers like PC gamers by paying a monthly subscription fee. Ubisoft Plus Subscribers to Xbox X Series | The Xbox S Series and Xbox One can share their experience with Ubisoft Plus subscriptions without having to purchase Ubisoft games separately.

So a number of users expected to see a shared service for PlayStation users in the future, but at least Ubisoft has no plans to do so at the moment. A spokesman for Ubisoft recently told Push Square Media: “At this time we have nothing to share in order to offer this subscription to other platforms.”

We will have to wait and see what policy Ubisoft puts on the agenda in the future. Can gamers forever just buy a Ubisoft Plus subscription on PCs and Xbox consoles? Other news about Ubisoft and Microsoft include the release of Rainbow Six Extraction on the gameplay service. Therefore, Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers can experience the latest version of the Rainbow Six series on the day of Extraction.

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