Unveiling of the adventure and detective game The Lawyer with a trailer


The Lawyer adventure game was introduced with the release of a gameplay trailer and takes the player to the crime scene of the 90’s.

According to the latest game news, ManyDev Studios has recently unveiled the adventure and episodic game The Lawyer with the release of a gameplay trailer. As shown in the trailer below, The Lawyer steps include two general sections. The first part is the detective-like stages in which the player must find evidence at the crime scene, interrogate witnesses and others, connect clues, and so on. The second part takes place in the courtroom, in which case the gamer must challenge the defendant in the role of prosecutor using the evidence in his possession in order to find the truth and bring the perpetrator to justice.

As mentioned, The Lawyer has an episodic structure, which means that the creators add a new file to the game in each episode. In this trailer, the first episode of the game is introduced, which is called Red Bathtub, and the two main characters of the game have to investigate a young woman whose lifeless body was found in a bathtub. Also noteworthy are The Lawyer’s not-so-high-quality graphics and dry-motion animations, which, given that it is still a long way from release, the creators are expected to improve on this aspect of the game. You can watch the trailer for The Lawyer below.

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The Lawyer can be compared in some ways to the action-adventure game Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream Studio. A new ManyDev game like the one made David Cage Emphasizes cinematic narrative and creates a realistic atmosphere. In addition, the player has different options to choose from when performing various activities and during conversations, and this feature can also be considered similar to the gameplay of the acclaimed Hui Rin game. The Lawyer does not have a specific release date yet, and we only know that it is expected to be available in 2022. Also, the developers are currently only planning to release the game on the PC platform.

The events of The Lawyer take place in the 90’s, and according to ManyDev Studios, the characters will use the tools and technologies used in that decade to detect crime during the game. As the creators claim, the player’s choices and decisions will not only affect the outcome of the case he is working on, but also future events and the entire storyline of the game. The player also controls two characters during The Lawyer, one of which Mike Frey Prosecutor and another Hector DiazIs a private detective.

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