Unveiling of the five-year and ambitious program of the creator of Star Citizen


Studio Cloud Imperium Games, the creator of Star Citizen, has unveiled the goals it intends to achieve over the next five years.

Cloud Imperium Games, the creator of Star Citizen, announced several times ago that it wants to increase the number of its studios and game development teams in the UK within five years. They have stated that they intend to establish a large studio in Manchester, which will increase the number of members of Cloud Imprium Games from its current 400 to 1,000 in 2026. The studio has now fully introduced its ambitious five-year plan.

Carl Jones, Chief operating officer of Cloud Imprium Games, who recently interviewed MCV magazine, said he expects them to reach the point where they are building several sequels for Squadron 42 within the next five years. It should be noted that Squadron 42 is the single player and story part of Star Citizen, the release of which has been delayed many times and fans have been waiting for it for a long time. The 42nd Squadron is also set to have an adventurous atmosphere and will feature Hollywood actors.

Spaceships are fighting in Star Citizen

Although Jones talks about making several sequels for Squadron 42 in the next few years, he does not explicitly say when the first version will be available to players. He says Chris Roberts, Director of Cloud Imperium Games, has now relocated to the UK to help build the Squadron 42 story section. But Jones notes that “there is still a year or two” left until the release of this section. It’s interesting to know that seven years have passed since the original release of Squadron 42.

Jones did not elaborate on the status of Star Citizen for the next five years. But he believes that Star Citizen will become a huge MMORPG in 2026. He also points out that as the game and its features expand, it may be necessary for Cloud Imprium Games to set up more studios around the world and hire more people for things like more support for game users.

“We have a small presence in the Asia-Pacific region at the moment, and an increase in that area is likely to be part of our long-term plans,” Jones said. “The reason is that if your game suddenly becomes very popular in that region, then you have to hire teams that provide services exclusively to gamers in those countries.” Jones also points out that Cloud Imprium Games plans to expand its studio in Frankfurt, Germany, and double its staff.

Ships are worshiping among the space rocks in Star Citizen

By the end of last October, the developers had raised more than $ 400 million to develop the Star Citizen game; The amount was provided by 3.3 million supporters or investors who are eager to participate in this project. Also last September, the Advertising Standards Authority, an agency that oversees advertising in the UK, warned Cloud Imprium Games that if it wanted to sell spacecraft in Star Citizen that were still a concept image, it had to be transparent to the user. Announce that this item does not currently exist and is not available in the game.

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