Unveiling of the independent and scary ILL game with awesome graphics


Indy Studio Team Clout has released a few short gameplay videos, unveiling the horror game ILL, which is based on Unreal Engine 5.

The independent Russian studio Team Clout is currently working on a horror and survival game called ILL, using the Unreal Engine 5 engine. Given that ILL is being developed on the basis of one of the most powerful gaming engines currently available, it can obviously perform extremely well in terms of graphics. The developers have now released a few short clips of ILL gameplay in this regard, and by watching them, we can almost be sure that we are on the side of a visually very realistic game. You can watch two clips of some of the published videos below and visit the Maxim Verehin YouTube channel to see the rest.

Download video from Aparat

Download video from Aparat

ILL is very much inspired by the latest and first versions of Resident Evil. This similarity is especially evident in the artistic style and atmosphere of the environments. The ILL also does not seem to shy away from high-level violence, and its monsters are well-designed. Lighting quality, textures, animations and effects like Ambient Occlusion are all of a high standard. The new creators have promised that ILL environments will respond to player actions and that degradable mechanics will be considered for the game.

Team Clout has not yet provided specific information about the ILL story. However, they have confirmed that their new game lacks the usual story twists in games like Resident Evil or other similar works, and is actually more straightforward. The ILL does not yet have a release date, but we do know that the target platform will be PC. The point to keep in mind is that Team Clout members work part-time on ILL development, and it is funded by people interested in the project on the Patreon website. Therefore, it is not surprising to think that the ILL will not be ready for release any time soon.

What do Zomji users think about ILL graphics and weather? Do you think it has the potential to become a successful horror game? Share your comments with us.

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