Unveiling of the professional category of fighting games for PlayStation 5


HORI has introduced a professional Fighting Stick and an advanced category for experiencing fighting games on the PlayStation 5.

People who follow fighting games in a serious and competitive way are very interested in using Fighting Stick and professional controllers. This Sony midfielder, who owns EVO races, naturally attaches great importance to fighting games. So it is no surprise that yesterday the official PlayStation Twitter account unveiled the OCTA Professional category and a new stick that were originally created to experience the fighting game on the PlayStation 5. Of course, these HORI products also work with PlayStation 4 and personal computers.

Since Sony’s interactive entertainment division has already partnered with HORI, the unveiling of these special new categories is not surprising. The Pro will be priced at $ 59.99 and the new Fighting Stick will be priced at $ 199.99.

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Different companies have now entered the process of producing different and professional batches for the PS5 console. For example, some time ago, we saw the official introduction of the Gran Turismo 7 steering wheel and pedal game set, which can attract the attention of gamers who love racing games. In the meantime, the diversity of the main controller of the PlayStation 5 has increased, and now gamers can buy it in different colors.

If you are interested in a fighting game experience on PlayStation consoles, you will see different options. For example, after reading or watching the review of Guilty Gear Strive in Zomji, you might want to experience this work by Arc System Works Studio. On the other hand, if you subscribe to Sony’s PlayStation Now service, you can now experience Mortal Kombat 11 without a separate purchase and only with your subscription.

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