Unveiling of the release date of Nobody Saves the World in the new game trailer


DrinkBox Studios has released the trailer for the release date of the action-role-playing game Nobody Saves the World.

According to new game news, DrinkBox Studios has released a trailer announcing that Nobody Saves the World will be released on January 18 for the Xbox Series X, Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC. Xbox Game service users will also be able to receive and experience this action-role-playing game after the first day of release. You can watch the unveiling trailer of Nobody Saves the World release date below.

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As the name implies, Nobody Saves the World, players in this game play the role of characters called Nobody (no one) and must save the world from catastrophes and disasters. Of course, the point is that these characters have different shapes and forms; From mice and horses to rangers and knights.

Interestingly, each of them has its own passive skills and abilities that can be upgraded. By completing game quests, gamers can upgrade their skills, unlock characters with new shapes, and finally use different character skills in combination.

During Nobody Saves the World, players will encounter dungeons that have been randomly generated using previous data. The level of difficulty of these dungeons will increase with the increase of gamer power. Not to mention that in Nobody Saves the World there are relatively large environments where players meet different characters in the corner and discover different secrets.

In addition, Drinkbox Studio’s new work supports co-op mode and the player can experience it with up to one more person. Of course, it seems that Nobody Saves the World, unlike Guacamelee 2, the previous Drinkbox game does not support offline co-op, and this option will only be available online.

You Zomji users, if you wish, you can share your opinions about this game and its atmosphere with us.

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