Unveiling of the Zelda: Ocarina of Time PC game port with a trailer


A fan of Zelda Dual Fire, who has been working on the classic Zelda: Ocarina of Time game port for PC for some time, has now released its first gameplay trailer.

According to the latest game news, a fan of the Zelda series game, which is busy in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time port for PC, has released the first trailer of this unofficial version. The VGC website reported some time ago that a group interested in Zelda, after two years of reverse engineering, managed to translate one of the versions of Zelda: Ocarina of Time into C programming language, thus doing the port of this classic Nintendo 64 game for Today’s computers are possible. It is worth mentioning that Super Mario 64 game was ported to PC in 2019 in the same way.

In this regard, it was recently reported that more than one group is currently working on the unofficial Zelda: Ocarina of Time port for PC. The version of the gameplay trailer that you can see below is one of these ports and was made by an engineer nicknamed Vertigo and another person. Vertigo recently announced that he expects his version to be available to interested gamers by mid-February; A version of Ocarina that, although it says all two parts will be playable and most of its glitches have been removed, will not sound.

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The developers wrote in the trailer description above that their Zelda: Ocarina of Time port supports widescreen aspect ratio and the ability to upscale to a higher resolution, and that they later plan to add more features to the game, including a 60 frame rate. In the description, we read: “The images played in this trailer are 100% real, and this port will soon reach a stage where all parts of it will be experiential. Of course, in the initial gameplay trailer of the game, there are a series of small glitches that will be fixed soon. “This project has nothing to do with any secondary group, and it’s my job and Vertigo.”

Vertigo has used a rendering software called GlideN64 for the Zelda: Ocarina of Time port, which most popular Nintendo 64 emulators use to simulate the console’s games on a PC. “It was 13 years old when Super Mario 64 came on the market,” explains the Nintendo fan. This game and Ocarina played an important role in shaping my childhood. Later I worked on the port of Super Mario 64 to pass on the experience I had with this game to my son. “My son liked the Super Mario 64 port very much, and now I’m eager to play the Ocarina of Time port with him.”

It should be noted here that the ported version of Vertigo et al. Is not the same one being made by the large group Harbor Masters and is said to be scheduled for release in late February. VGC asked Vertigo why it did not work with this larger group on this project. He replied that the group had taken a different approach to the design discussion and used different interface software, and because of these differences, such collaboration did not lead to the desired result.

What do you think about this version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Share your comments with us and other users if you wish.

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