Use one-third of the cost of buying a bungee to encourage studio gamers


One-third of Sony’s $ 3.6 billion bungee purchase is to encourage studio staff to stay active and stay with the team.

In the latest gaming news, Sony announced that one-third of the $ 3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie Studios will be spent on retaining current employees. In a slide show in its third quarter financial report for the current fiscal year, Sony explained that about $ 1.2 billion of the $ 3.6 billion in bungalow purchases is actually used to reward current employees; Provided, of course, that they do not leave the studio. Due to the fact that Bungee is a private company and its shares are not available to the public, most of the studio shares were owned by employees.

Given that one of the main reasons for Sony’s acquisition of Bungee is in fact the use of the studio’s knowledge base, PlayStation wants to “encourage shareholders and other creative talent to stay and continue after the purchase is finalized”. According to the report, “approximately one-third of the $ 3.6 billion earmarked for the bundle, mainly includes future payments to shareholder employees.” So gamers who stay in the bungee for years after the purchase are well rewarded for their loyalty and knowledge sharing.

Bungee takeover by Sony

These amounts will be paid to employees within a few years of the completion of the Bungie Studio acquisition and will be recorded in the accounting records as an expense. Sony expects about two-thirds of these payments to be made within the first two years after the contract is finalized. So it seems that the total cost of the $ 3.6 billion bungee purchase will not be paid in the first place. About $ 2.4 billion will be used for the original acquisition, and $ 1.2 billion will be spent in the long run to encourage the loyalty of bungee makers to the studio.

It was announced on Monday that Sony intends to buy the studio that created the Destiny game series and the creator of the Hilo series, which once belonged to Microsoft. However, after completing the purchase agreement, Bungee Studios will act as “an independent subsidiary” of Sony’s interactive entertainment division for the PlayStation, and as a publisher will be able to offer its games across all platforms.

In the past, Bungie Studios has announced that in addition to working on Destiny 2, it plans to release at least one new series by 2025. Sony, on the other hand, has stated that it wants to use Bungee Studio’s experience to better produce and deliver its live service games. Herman HolstChairman of PS Studios هM. emphasized that Bungee and other PlayStation studios share the knowledge of gaming today.

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