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Valuing a high-security and secure exchange along with the most diverse coins in the market

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Finding a reputable exchange for buying and selling and trading digital currencies is not so difficult these days, but choosing an exchange with a secure environment, special, different and attractive facilities for cryptocurrency trading in the world of cryptocurrency has a different solution.

Arzif Exchange is one of the relatively new and reputable exchanges in the field of Persian currency codes that you can easily buy and sell the digital currencies by depositing Rials.

But let’s take a look at Arzif Exchange and its features.

Overview of Arzif

Arzif team, using a strong team in the field of digital currencies, content production, marketing and sales along with experts in the world of blockchain technology; Has tried to take into account special and new features; To provide the possibility of buying and selling and exchanging digital currencies in a new context by providing complete security for users among the best Iranian exchange offices.

It should be noted that the assets of all Arzif users are kept with exemplary security in hardware wallets with the latest methods in the world.

Register in Arzif application

Initial registration in Arzif is very simple and you can register with just a phone number that you have, after installing the software. But to start trading on this platform, you need to edit and complete your user profile.

Registering information such as card number, national number and email is one of the first requirements to complete the profile to get started.

But in Arzif, if you want to increase your trading volume and be professional, you need to complete your authentication.

User levels

After registering in Arzif, each user has a certain level and needs to complete the specifications and authentication to be promoted to a higher level.

Messi user level

At this level, you are initially registered and are able to enter the Arzif application and the site. At this user level, you can only see some of the features of the application. Deposits, wallets and transactions are not available at this level.

Bronze user level

After editing and completing the profile and registering basic information such as name, national code, email and account information, your user level has been upgraded from Messi to Bronze and you can start your trading at a limited level. At this level, you are able to have a weekly deposit of one million Tomans in Rials. Of course, selling and depositing coins at this level is not limited. Also, a daily withdrawal of fifty million Tomans (total Rials and Coins) is possible at this level.

Silver user level

If you want to deposit in Rials without any restrictions and trade with ease, in the profile editing section, you must enter more complete information such as address, phone, etc., and of course upload a picture of yourself and your national card for authentication in the application. After confirmation, you can deposit up to 100 million Tomans (from two accelerator cards) daily in Rials and withdraw up to 200 million Tomans in Rials and Coins.

Golden user level

This level is especially active and special users and is usually activated after a month of continuous activity and reaching the transaction figure of 500 million Tomans. Of course, in order to act as a golden user, users must sign the specified terms and conditions in person.

Why is Arzif special?

The existence of some special features has led to the recognition of Arzif as a special and different trading platform, these features include the following.

A different and very expressive user interface that makes it easy for everyone to work in Arzif

High security and keeping the currency password in hardware wallets with very high security

Benefit from a very advanced application for Android phones

Use the web version, with a modern design for iOS phones

Having an accurate instant portfolio for all coins

Start investing only by depositing 100 thousand tomans

Utilizing cheap and of course valid tokens in the market (based on Quinn Market Cup ranking)

Utilization of valid charts and indicators Trading view To analyze users

Enter the password of valid market currencies (Bitcoin; Tetra, Atrium, Ripple, Cardano, etc.)

Having more than 40 digital currencies to trade

Permanently monetize the system by introducing your friends

User-specific wallets for each coin and token

Fingerprint entry and high security

To join Arzif for free, you can easily install an application through software stores such as Google Play or Miket, or register from Arzif site and enter the different and special world of Arzif.

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Ghulam Abbas

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