Voice of Matrix and Black Panther actors in Horizon Forbidden West


Matrix star Carrie-Ann Moss and Black Panther star Angela Bast are on the Horizon Forbidden West soundtrack.

The Dutch game studio Guerrilla announced that Cree-Ann MossThe Matrix star as Tilda in Horizon Forbidden West. Angela Bast, Black Panther Marvel actor also plays Rigala (Regalla) plays in Horizon Forbidden West; One of the main antagonists of the story that Alvi has to go to battle. Rigala hates the Carja tribe very much.

The Horizon Forbidden West story trailer has just been released to show players and a few other characters; Characters, some of which are familiar and some of which are new. From here, to the news text, the story information related to Horizon Zero Dawn game, the product of 2017, and one of the points revealed with the new Horizon story trailer spoils Forbidden West.

The Matrix actor Carrie-Ann Moss as Tilda starring in Sony's PlayStation Horizon Forbidden West

If you’ve experienced Horizon Zero Dawn, you probably remember that GAIA was an advanced artificial intelligence created by Elizabeth Sobek to rebuild life on Earth after its destruction. All we know now about Tilda is that she is somehow related to Gaia. Ben McCaw“A mysterious and complex character with a special connection to the distant past,” says Horizon Forbiden West’s story director, describing Tilda’s character.

Lance Reddick, star of the John Wick series and The Wire, plays Sylens in Horizon Forbidden West. McCaw said the character in Horizon Forbidden West will also pursue his own goal. Horizon Forbidden West game will be presented to gamers on February 18 (February 29) on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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