Wait for the details of the content of the second year of Hitman 3 to be announced tomorrow


IO Interactive Studio will share full information about the contents of the second year of Hitman 3 with fans on January 23rd.

In the first year of Hitman 3, IO Interactive Studios provided users with valuable and entertaining content for a different experience. Meanwhile, in 2022, the development team is planning various programs for Hitman 3 gamers to further expand their experience.

In the past, it was announced that during 2022 we will see story content, new maps, various modes and various events for Hitman 3. Now, IO Interactive has announced on its official website that the details of the contents of the second year of Hitman 3 will be released on January 13th (January 13th). To be more precise, tomorrow at 5:30 pm Iranian time, the content of 2022 Hitman 3 will be displayed on the HITMAN YouTube channel.

It is also further specified that during tomorrow’s shows, we will see Elusive Targets, a virtual reality version of the computer, a display of the new game mode, and other contents. What do you think about Zomji users? Did you enjoy the Hitman 3 experience and the contents of the first year of its release, such as Seven Deadly Sins and the winter event?

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