What is LG’s car information system?


The world’s transportation systems are evolving so fast that many of their technologies are still unknown to many.

For example, the fact that cars drive without the need for a driver and can, like a personal driver, save us from the hassle of paying attention to the road and the street, is one of the most fascinating inventions of mankind today.

But not everything is related to self-driving cars, and new and exciting technologies of transportation systems have penetrated ordinary cars. Innovative companies such as LG, by designing in-car infotainment systems and offering them to car companies, have been able to advance the driving experience for many, many years. Accordingly, in this article we want to focus on LG IV In-Car Information-Entertainment System (IVI); Relying on the webOS Auto operating system and the in-vehicle vehicle platform (Microsoft MCVP), the system is able to provide a wide range of information while driving.

What is LG درون In-Car Information-Entertainment System (IVI)?

LG In-Car Entertainment Information System (IVI) With webOS Auto operating system and Microsoft MCVP platform, it can collect and send a lot of information such as driver status, in-vehicle status and the use of various programs in an integrated and instantaneous way to the driver.

In fact, IVI provides drivers and occupants with useful information such as navigation and weather forecasting. It also provides activities such as listening to music, podcasts, making phone calls and reviewing messages. How this system works is done independently of the car hardware. In this way, it can offer all the facilities and features of convenience upgrade, such as the ability to update the operating system and check the status of the car charge remotely.

In fact, the English word Infotainment is made up of a combination of the two words Information meaning information and Entertaining meaning entertainment. Accordingly, you must have guessed that its function is to provide information such as routing and entertainment such as playing movies, music, games and the ability to visit social networks. The Infotainment feature provides all the information the driver needs to create a more enjoyable user experience for the occupants.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) provide all the necessary elements for system-passenger communication to transfer information more quickly and easily.

Unlike AVNs (audio, video, routing) which only support one internet connection, the infotainment system in the LG car supports two internet connections simultaneously. The user can use the hotspot to connect his mobile phone and car to the Internet and perform separate activities on the screen of each of them.

This means that you can play music on your mobile phone using the AVN connection and watch YouTube videos at the same time on your mobile screen via the Hotspot connection and AVN.

Also in LG IVI system, each member of the family can have their own user interface. For this purpose, it is enough for different family members to create a separate account for themselves and by selecting their account, view all the information related to them, such as the history of routing, destinations, music and other items.

LG IVI System

What are the benefits of LGI IVI system?

The IVI system makes the car interior experience more interactive and attractive for the occupants by increasing the car connections. It is possible to be informed about the weather conditions of the road with entertainment information systems and enjoy the intelligent routing of the car.

LG’s Android-based IVI system is the first Android 10-based system to be certified by Google Car Service (GAS). The platform provides smart entertainment services and easy access to various Google applications including Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play through the Central Information Display (CID).

In addition to the IVI system, LG Electronics also offers the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Designed by LG, the system uses a front-facing camera to collect traffic information to provide drivers with everything on the road. This allows the driver to make the right decisions before any accident occurs, thus making all roads safer for him. ADAS is also able to detect and respond to environmental events, even at busy intersections.

LG also plans to develop a new driving style for future humans by developing highly competitive infotainment innovations such as AVNs, display systems, telematics and surveillance systems.

Finally, it may be worth noting that LG Electronics will launch its next-generation IVI in the Renault Megane E-TECH electric car in 2022.

LG Electronics Car Parts Solutions Company

LG Automotive Equipment Solutions Company focuses on the commercialization of self-driving cars and environmentally responsible innovations in the automotive industry and offers key solutions based on LG’s proprietary technologies. In its two business areas (smart and green), the company offers adaptive solutions to provide in-car experience and electrification. Its intelligent division offers solutions such as in-vehicle infotainment systems, connectivity, intelligent driving, and software platforms interfacing with other innovative technologies, while the green business division focuses on high-voltage, high-efficiency electronic propulsion. For more information about LG, visit

Public Relations of LG Electronics Company in Iran: Mr. Kaveh Moftakhri

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