What movie to watch this weekend: From Branded to Kill to .CRAZY


Black and white Japanese action, a French film directed by Eric Romer, a great comedy-drama film by the late director of the Sharp Objects series, and finally a strange documentary.

Every feature film, regardless of which characters it introduces to the audience and what concepts it deals with, is formed, whether it wants to or not, with the facts behind it. The films will remain, and many esteemed viewers will watch them without knowing these facts. While the political situation of a country during the filmmaking period, the model of activity of film studios at that time and the economic situation of cinemas, are just some of the things that have sometimes affected section by section of the works in question. Zomji in issue 225 “What movie should we watch this weekend?” He has gone to works from different times and countries.

Of course, the audience can not be forced to spend hours learning how to make a film. However, whenever we see a film, we may, spontaneously and indirectly, become acquainted with the personal lives of several members of the production team and the space-time of the place of birth of the work. For example, is it possible to make a Branded to Kill film in less than a month (from pre-production to final editing) with a Japanese studio’s busy work schedule and no use? سیجون سوزوکی Didn’t the storyboards affect this cinematic product?

A professional killer in the Japanese film Branded to Kill with smoked glasses

Branded to Kill (1967)

For a great Japanese filmmaker who is known to many for his exemplary use of colors for cinematic illustration, making a black and white film in 1967 certainly seems strange. The day before the broadcast, the editing work was completed by Sijon Suzuki and his team, and the production studio was not at all satisfied with the result. Branded to Kill practically caused the Japanese director in question to lose various job opportunities in a horrible way for about 10 years. He protested against the work pressure and strange conditions of filmmaking, the oldest studio in Japan, and the result was that he was blacklisted.

But far from all the hype, for you and me Branded to Kill with the Japanese name Koroshi no rakuin can be just the same 90-minute deep adult action; The same film in which a butterfly sits in front of a firearm camera prevents the Yakuza’s third-highest killer from getting the job done right, and disrupts the situation for the main character step by step. His ability to create so many special and spectacular actions along with creating funny and bitter story moments can not be praised; Especially when the film could not ignore the characterization of its characters by emphasizing strange details such as loving the aroma of rice on gas.

The female character in black clothes and cars in the French film Love in the Afternoon, produced in 1972

Love in the Afternoon (1972)

The most unpopular film on the list, like Eric Romer’s other valuable work, maneuvers on dialogue. In his cinema, people talking to each other is the main thing that happens in front of the camera. The same conversations can so calmly and logically change their feelings and introspection that sometimes when we see his works, we wish that in the real world, people would talk to each other more.

The story of the French film Love in the Afternoon, which should not be confused with the eponymous work of the 1950s, tells the story of a person’s inner challenge; A successful person at work and with a happy family life, whose constant thoughts suddenly finally give him a job. After Frederick is forced to make a choice in this adult drama, the audience also understands how each of those conversations brought him to this point. Isn’t it very often that nothing special has happened to you and me, and in fact, we have entered into a conversation in which the choice of the final sentence can be the main determinant of our feelings for a few days?

Crazy by Jean-Marc Valli, director of Sharp Objects, and Dallas Buyers Club

CRAZY (2005)

Unfortunately, cinema and television have recently and in a completely unexpected way, Jean-Marc Valli Lost; Filmmaking that from Danny Villeneuve until the Matthew McConnell They were saddened by his death and expressed their grief. Works such as Dallas Buyers Club, Wild, the first season of the Big Little Lies series, and of course the Sharp Objects miniseries shine in the Canadian artist’s artistic career. Crazy, a 2005 film directed by Jean-Marc Valli, should also be considered one of the lesser-known and at the same time worthy of his attention.

The work in question was produced in Canada on a small budget and in French. Jean-Marc Valli also showed his potential for filmmaking in various fields as a writer, producer and director. His exemplary use of different songs, his accuracy in dealing fairly with the characters in telling a sensitive story, his effort to engage the audience with the story, and his compilation of the film. But they also came to light. This comedy-drama is about a teenage boy who has to fully recognize and accept his identity.

Funny green doll in HBO Max documentary Beanie Mania

Beanie Mania (2021)

Do not miss one of the important documentaries of this year. Beanie Mania’s film about the successful drunkenness of a madman is a propaganda ploy; About the destruction of several lives by buying too many dolls of a brand that greatly involved people interested in making special collections. Puppets that looked simple, funny, and small shops created a big business that greatly increased the wealth of some by sacrificing a few people. The vulnerability of many people to some propaganda tricks and the creation of false needs in them can have incredible and disturbing consequences.

The documentary Beanie Mania deals with the insane valuation of objects for which there was no logic in the valuations made for some of them. Step by step, people got caught up in a successful advertising campaign, and with the addition of each person to the list of people addicted to buying these dolls, addiction spread. So prices went up ridiculously. Many people who watch the official trailer of the documentary or even see some of the photos probably do not expect to encounter a serious and disturbing story in a matter of minutes.

Beanie Mania looks real and shocking. Because it is reminiscent of the playfulness of many human beings in modern society; What happens in different contexts and with the creation of purposeful mental conflicts for the audience.

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