What movie to watch this weekend: From Moonstruck to Set It Up


A lovely old animation produced by Steven Spielberg, a romantic film starring Nicholas Cage, a spectacular work by the Metropolitan director, and finally Set It Up starring Zoe Deutsch.

Zomji in issue 231 of the article series “What movie should we watch this weekend?” It has gone to popular works that have the ability to improve the mood of their target audience. An animation by Universal Pictures does this by telling the adventures of a lovely mouse to get to New York, and two romantic comedy films tell stories about the unexpected and hilarious formation of intense interest.

In the meantime, we have a work that deals more with work life with the normal pleasures of life and has a special feeling. Unlike many issues of this series of movie introductory articles, this week we only went to Hollywood works and there is no news of non-English language works in the list below.

Funny mouse with hat in An American Tail animation

An American Tail (1986)

Immigration stories have always played a significant role in some promising cinematic works; Both because such journeys practically depict a part of contemporary history and because the nature of travel can be hopeful for many people. Travel is a real way to get away from the current situation and there are many people who want to break free from the shackles and get the opportunity to live in a different place.

At the same time, sometimes travel alone is not enough and human beings face many challenges to reach new conditions. After all, there are many who make the destination too beautiful in their minds. As a result, not only can the path challenge them, but the destination itself can not be as flawless as they expected.

An American Tail animation deals with exactly all the emotional aspects of a serious migration with attractive and emotional voices. This is why many viewers can relate to the work when they talk about hope and show the chances of their simple characters to have a happy life. Of course, the beautiful animation also makes these mice very valuable for the child audience, and different members of the family have the chance to enjoy this cinematic production broadcast by Universal once.

Moonstruck romantic film starring Nicholas Cage, produced in 1987

Moonstruck (1987)

A comedy romance that reminds many that being familiar with the general ideas of the story does not make the work unattractive. Because when the script does its job and the actors are able to fully portray the characters’ exaggerated behaviors, the result can be energetic and entertaining. Nicolas Cage And everyone on the Moonstruck cast has done just that.

The story of the film becomes interesting when suddenly the two parties of a planned and emotionless marriage change their decision about this marriage. Because not only does the family situation required for their marriage change, but one of them falls in love with the other. Ironically, all three of them know each other, and this is the point of deciding لورتا It gets harder. Attempting such a character to choose between a logical marriage and an emotional marriage can create interesting moments. Does Moonstruck always tell a great story? No. But that does not make it enjoyable, even in some parts, untouchable.

Ironing in The Last Days of Disco, 1998

The Last Days of Disco (1998)

Witt Stillman, known to many moviegoers as Metropolitan, in The Last Days of Disco looks for characters who are lost in the hustle and bustle of life; People who see even one night of fun more as an opportunity to progress and look right. Interestingly, the young and successful characters in the film do not even enjoy their work very much. Rather, they merely want to play the most commonly accepted roles in the society of the day flawlessly and look great. When they enter the place of entertainment, they are also trying to find the best possible position for themselves from the top down; Not an opportunity to enjoy life.

But perhaps on the last night when they have a chance to experience the enjoyable parts of life and have not yet been suffocated by the workplace, the world will change them a little. The Last Days of Disco is exactly about how such characters can sometimes get out of their fake looks and be a little real. Interestingly, the film does not portray such a process as too dreamy and unbelievable; To really see how much they are experiencing a change in appearance or how much they are experiencing serious and perhaps permanent changes.

Zoe Deutsch in the romantic and comedy film Set It Up, produced in 2018

Set It Up (2018)

Simple and funny. Harper with the game Zoe Deutsch And Charlie with the game Glen Powell They work in a large work environment and are assistants to strict people. Tired of their bosses, the two decide to make a difference in their lives. How? They plan to make their bosses interested in each other.

In the middle of this, not only is the process of executing the map funny, but their relationship with each other becomes special, and little by little, the initial entertainment gives way to some complex and serious emotions. In short, as the characters themselves say, here we are dealing with a version of the story of The Parent Trap that moves from work to work. In such works, the chemistry between the main actors is usually very important. Fortunately, Powell and Deutsch can work together to convey both jokes and emotions to the extent necessary for such a film.

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