What movie to watch this weekend: From The Howling to A Most Violent Year


Howling is a romantic comedy starring Rachel McAdams and Luke Wilson, Education Day, and finally A Most Violent Year, starring Jessica Chastain.

In this article introducing the film, Zomji introduces works that are full of spectacular performances; From a detective story to a writer David Eyre With shine Denzel Washington And Ethan Hawke Up to a promising family work starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Issue 227 of the series “What movie should we watch this weekend?” It ended with the introduction of a bizarre werewolf movie, and issue 228 of the series begins with such a work; A low-budget film from years ago that still presents that particular horror tied to wolves to viewers who are interested in immersing themselves in highly terrifying atmospheres.

The Howling, 1981

The Howling (1981)

Karen After a hard time dealing with a horrible serial killer, he forgets. He was a TV newscaster with his wife Bill It is sent to specific areas on the doctor’s recommendation. But as he steps into the shocking nightmares, new and far more nail-biting nightmares are ready to welcome him.

The Howling, while being made on a low budget and fully accepting all the cinematic limitations of four decades ago, still offers one of the best werewolf experiences. Because horror is often dependent on atmosphere; Depending on whether the audience believes that they are trapped in a dangerous environment like the characters, and that terrifying creature whose shadow on the wall looks scary has the ability to harm him. When immersed in the overall experience of such works, other acceptable makeups can engage us in fear of terrible enemies ahead of today’s CGIs, and even thinking about their mythology increases the film’s horror effect on the viewer.

Training Day movie, produced in 2001

Training Day (2001)

Denzel Washington won his second Academy Award for this work; A film in which a simple policeman is accompanied by a professional and special detective to step into the dark parts of a city full of crime. The differences between their approaches as law enforcement officers are constantly visible; Especially focused Antoine Foucault That is, directing the extraordinary chemistry between Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington. The audience’s association with their story confronts them with special story twists that are undeniably engaging, powerful. Watching the day of education takes about two hours, and no doubt the work in question deserves to receive two hours of my and your leisure time.

Training Day is one of those works that maybe the best time to watch it is exactly the first time. Because this film makes good use of the audience’s ignorance of the story and so-called often keeps the viewer on the edge of a chair. Of course, the narrative and performance details of the product in question make it worth watching and scrutinizing several times. But many, after joining Alonzo Harris, have longed to experience “the first watch of Training Day” once again.

The Family Stone, 2005

The Family Stone (2005)

Unlike all the other works presented in this article, which tell a very serious story and are made for an adult audience, The Family Stone is a joyous work; A romantic comedy-drama Diane Keaton، Clare Dins And Rachel McAdams.

The story is about a woman who steps into the crowded house of a man with whom she has shared her life. An extended family, with all its special hardships, can make life difficult for him at home. As a result, the story moves in a tangible way for many people, focusing on the character’s quest to find his place in the new environment. Funny situations arise and some members of the house overreact to his presence here. In the meantime, perhaps the only similarity between The Family Stone and the bitter effect that will be introduced in the next paragraph is the proper use of the power of the actors in both.

Oscar Isaac in A Most Violent Year, produced in 2014

A Most Violent Year (2014)

The main power of A Most Violent Year, as a suspenseful crime drama, stems from the fact that it is not limited to its shooting and action sequences. The strength of the acting team that effect Oscar Isaac And Jessica Chastain They clearly shine in it, along with the original script جی. سی. چهورور Creates situations in which the throwing of dialogues by different characters towards each other can convey an emotion similar to a great chase after the escape.

The fact that in many of the scenes people are playing is making the story appealing to the audience. Because we find over and over again which character thinks he dominates the situation and which character really controls the situation. Of course, in this chaotic world, everyone may suddenly realize that they have no power.

The dynamic challenge of the characters in different story situations gives the actors more opportunity to show their abilities. Moral codes are being challenged, businesses are being jeopardized, and New York is in the throes of the 1980s. It is not without reason that I did not mention the synopsis of the main story of A Most Violent Year. If you are interested in the storytelling style of the work and its actors, you may enjoy immersing yourself in its storytelling. Of course, you may have seen Margin Call and All Is Lost, in which case you might have a chance at a Jay’s work. سی. Chandour does not need to read this introduction.

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