What movie to watch this weekend: From To Die For to The Butterfly Effect


A French noir film starring Nicole Kidman, Butterfly and Emma’s romantic comedy starring Anya Taylor Joy.

The oldest and newest works in this movie introduction article have been screened 62 years apart. There is also a distance of about 7,000 kilometers between the country of production of one of the works in question and one of the countries of production of another work. Now, if we go into the details of the genres and pay attention to the differences between the target audiences of each of the four selected films, their distance from each other seems even greater than before.

Cinema embraces so many people that they can all make up the 229th issue of the “What movie to watch this weekend?” Zomji be.

The Sad Lady in the Rain in the 1958 film Elevator to the Gallows

Elevator to the Gallows (1958)

Now, when we look at French New Wave cinema, it is impossible to notice an influential presence Louis Mall، Gene Moro And Miles Davis Let us not be the seventh in the rich history of this part of art. Their collaboration in Elevator to the Gallows with the French title Ascenseur pour l’échafaud created a lasting noir film that was praised by both audiences and critics; So much so that some legends were formed about how Davis became the composer of this film.

Interestingly, all three did not reach the peak of their popularity at the time of the creation of Elevator to the Gallows. Louis Mall was less than 25 years old at the time and wanted to direct his first feature film. Gene Moro became so new to the film that a number of critics mistakenly said it was his first role. Because they had not seen his previous performances at all.

Elevator to the Gallows takes two story lines forward. Love, murder, and a very strange and different femme fatale are at the center of the storytelling, as defined by most audiences, and its duration of about 90 minutes allows it to be able to fully capture the audience’s attention beyond the expectations of many.

Nicole Kidman starred in television news for the 1995 film To Die For

To Die For (1995)

As with the previous work on the list, To Die For’s production team consisted of a few people who had just begun to gain recognition and success with this work; Walkin Phoenix، Ellison Falland And Casey Affleck. But without a doubt, the main star is a personal work Nicole Kidman Which captures all the details of the character well and makes Susan Stone an acceptable character.

The seriousness of some parts of To Die For and its hilarious exaggeration in some other parts are all quite purposefully put together. This work can be considered as a significant irony of people’s behavior towards fame and the media’s behavior towards celebrities. Because it shows the audience how sometimes an endless interest in fame causes him to be reluctant to do anything.

The media will then turn that person into a fun subject for people when needed. Step by step, every serious issue is marginalized by people who just want to lock people’s eyes on themselves. Susan, whose story is inspired by real events, is in the center of some attention differently from her imagination.

Dressed in the bathtub of The Butterfly Effect, a 2004 sci-fi film

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Chaos theory has been used repeatedly by screenwriters in various films and television. Still, products like Life is Strange show that paying proper attention to the emotional aspects of the butterfly effect has the potential to engage the audience with a powerful sci-fi story. The Butterfly Effect was released in 2004 and was able to do so for many audiences. Interestingly, many media outlets were not happy, and its popular ratings are far higher than those of its critics.

Even today, when we approach this work, we are faced with undeniable immaturities in the narration of the story and even the use of visual imagery techniques. But The Butterfly Effect does its main job, bringing the character step by step closer to an important understanding. He is constantly thinking about changing the key moments of life to create a better version of “the present”. But they are constantly hurting themselves and others.

The production team manages to show the existence of momentary and effective choices in life and does not forget the essence of the content and purpose of the work. This kind of movie The Butterfly Effect can be that suspenseful and entertaining drama; Without appearing empty of content. It should not be forgotten that in addition PorchMany viewers, too, may not think for a short time after achieving the incredible and unattainable ideal, at least for a while after seeing The Butterfly Effect for their large and small choices. Living in a world devoid of ideals is sometimes perhaps the most comforting dream of many.

Anya Taylor Joy with a beautiful hat and old clothes in the movie Emma, ​​produced in 2020

Emma (2020)

An adapted romantic comedy that takes the audience to the past can do a lot of fun. The production team, for example, can easily have no fear of exaggerating the strange color scheme chosen for the costume design. At the same time, a context is formed in which actors such as Anya Taylor-Joy They can also work freely in front of the camera, away from the specific limitations of some other styles.

This amount of free space of the creators creates an effect that seems entertaining and joyful to some, and for some it becomes a non-serious product and as a result unseen. Here we see one of those simple works that, because he is not ashamed of his identity, is not going to be easily erased from everyone’s mind. As a result, some people still like it, and in contrast, we see audiences who remember Emma when they mention the failure of modern day cinema to adapt past literary works.

Can this comedy work with its own style to unite and influence The Great? never. It’s a valuable creation of the Hulu Online Network with brilliant design El Fanning And Nicholas Holt Probably one of the most exciting things that has happened to movies and TV series focusing on the lives of aristocrats in the past. But Emma deserves to be watched once. Because when we see it, at least it is clear that the production team did not want to go reckless copying of another successful movie.

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