What to play on the weekend: From Prototype to Ocean Travel


In another part of the series of weekend articles, what to play, we went to one of the popular Activision games, and we also have an interesting independent game. Be with Zomji.

As we did last Wednesday, this week we will go to the introduction of two games in another part of the series of weekend articles. The first game is influenced by the important news of these days in the world of video games, and we have a valuable independent work for the second game. So this is you and this week’s games:

The main character of the flying prototype game


Certainly the most important thing in the gaming industry these days is the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. This was the excuse for me to decide to dedicate one of this week’s games to Activision. Aside from familiar series like Call of Duty, Activision also has a number of interesting relatively old games, and current changes may even lead to newer versions. With this in mind, the game that was chosen to be introduced in this week’s article is nothing but Prototype, a 2009 product.

The story of Prototype game is about a character named Alexander Mercer, who is better known as Alex in the game. At the beginning of the game, Alex wakes up in a place similar to a morgue and realizes that several doctors are trying to dissect him. Alex escapes from this place anyway, and after a while, ‌ realizes that he has found a series of superhuman powers; From immense power to things like the ability to climb buildings and, most importantly, the power of deformation, thanks to which it can capture the bodies of different people and access their memories and skills. Alex, who does not remember much about his past, embarks on an adventure to find the answers to his questions, while a strange disease spreads in the Manhattan area and turns people into strange creatures.

Manhattan destroyed in prototype game

Prototype is an open-world game, and it may not be perfect, but in a word, it is extremely fun. Using Alex’s various skills creates interesting scenarios, and one of the best features that Prototype offers is the good freedom of action it gives the audience; In this way, you will be able to move freely in the game world and with Alex’s abilities, you can create any chaos you want. Things like the possibility of climbing buildings at the time of the game’s release were very interesting and the passage of time did not have a significant negative impact on them, and still moving in the game world and combining it with prototype battles and performing various missions, a very fun gameplay for the audience Brings.

We talked about missions, and well, the creators of Prototype in Radical Entertainment Studio have very well used Alex’s various abilities, especially his deformability, as an excuse to create interesting missions. For example, at some point in the game, you must capture a military commander, enter the military base, and then kill and capture the tank commander, learn the ability to lead the tank. Such tasks form the core of Prototype missions and gameplay, and we generally see an experience that can be a lot of fun to play even today.

For Prototype, a sequel was released in 2012, which, just like the first version, did not have a perfect effect, but it had its own charms. So if you have a craving for an open world game, the games experience of this series is recommended.

Lighthouse in the game Sunless Sea

Game Sunless Sea

For the second game this week, go to Sunless Sea from Failbetter Games Studio; An interesting standalone game whose creators launched a هزار 60,000 kickstarter project to raise funds, eventually earning هزار 100,000. Once made, the game was first released as an Airlift on Steam, and then in 2015, the final version was officially available. Sunless Sea is a role-playing game with rogue-like elements, which at the same time, can be both very relaxing and stressful as a horror game.

Before we get into the details of Sunless Sea gameplay, let’s get acquainted with the world in which the game takes place. Sunless Sea is set in a world that the production studio has already used in the adventure game Fallen London. In this world, we go to Victorian London, but with the difference that this place has now moved somewhere underground and next to a very large and scary underground ocean called Located in Unterzee. The combination of this atmosphere has led to the creation of a dark world with a gothic atmosphere that if you are a fan of such an atmosphere, you will soon fall in love with the Sunless Sea.

In such a world, you take on the role of captain of a steamship that has to embark on a voyage in the heart of the Unterzee Ocean. At the beginning of the game, the story background of the character and the purpose of his journey can be customized, and these decisions affect the overall process, and the game ends when you reach the goal you have set. Sunless Sea has a lot of details and complexities in terms of gameplay, despite its captivating appearance. At first glance, it seems that you have to steer a ship in the ocean and fight various enemies along the way, from pirates to strange ocean monsters.

Sunless Sea gameplay

But as we get closer to the game, we will find that Sunless Sea offers a much deeper experience. Every time you start as a captain, you are literally embarking on a journey, and this is where the role-playing aspect of the game comes into play. On this trip, you will go to unknown places and meet different people, the story of these interactions is told in a textual format, and the decisions you make are very important. In addition, risk is very important in the Sunless Sea; Whether you take the risk of doing something with all the risks and, of course, the rewards, such as the resources needed to survive and strengthen the ship. Sometimes fighting a sea monster can cost you your life, but if you succeed, you will get plenty of food for the crew and other resources.

Of course, the Sunless Sea also has elements of rogue, and the death of a captain will mean a new beginning, and the mysterious ocean of the game will change every time. In general, Sunless Sea is one of those games that can immerse the world and its mysteries, and even with the constant threat of death, there was always an incentive to start again, this time with more experience. So if you are a fan of works with a dark atmosphere or you are interested in role-playing and rogue games, you will not regret giving Sunless Sea a chance.

Finally, please share your thoughts on this week’s games with Zomji and its users.

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