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In another part of the series of weekend articles, what to play, we have a scary game and we introduced an interesting independent work. Be with Zomji.

As usual on Wednesdays, this week we will introduce two games in another part of the series of weekend articles. This week, we have a scary and violent game, and let’s take a look at a game independent of Daniel Malins. So stay tuned with Zomji by introducing the games.

The main character of Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins

If you like survival-themed horror style, Condemned: Criminal Origins with its special fears and interesting fights will be a very attractive work for you. The game was released in 2005 for the Xbox 360 and a year later for the PC by Monolith Studios. Sega was also responsible for publishing the game.

Condemned: Criminal Origins tells the story of Ethan Thomas, taking players to a fictional city called Metro in the United States. Of course, when the initial idea of ​​making this game came up and the name of the project was chosen as Dark, we were supposed to see a different character called Agent Cross, who even has a series of supernatural powers, and can, for example, perform magic, things like taking weapons from Shake hands with enemies! But these ideas did not find their way to the final version and the final name of the game was chosen Condemned: Criminal Origins.

What draws Eaton to the subway city is a serial killer known as X, and Eaton, as an agent, intends to find a clue by going to this strange and scary area. But this is not so easy, and in this area, very violent people are blocking Ethan, who seems to be under the influence of a strange force, and this is what encourages them to such violence and courage; The result of facing these enemies is a very tense battle, which is definitely one of the best parts of the game.

Fight the enemy in Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins does not have a very special and extraordinary story, but it is very successful in providing a sense of fear, and one of the reasons is the dark and correct atmosphere of the game, which makes you navigate different environments and feel the constant fear of dangerous forces in this Environments, pass very well to the player. The general process of the game is divided into two parts: campaigns and search for the environment; In terms of game detection, Eaton must use the tools at his disposal to explore the environment and check for clues such as footprints, fingerprints and other items that will reveal the game’s story mysteries.

But the most intriguing part of Condemned: Criminal Origins is undoubtedly its struggles; Where the game is narrated from a personal point of view and firearms play a very small role in battles. The firearms you get usually have very limited ammunition, and of course they are very realistically designed, and most enemies, for example, are killed by a single bullet. You just have to keep in mind that the ammunition limit in the game is very serious and the creators have put a lot of restrictions in this regard in order to better convey the sense of survival. For example, if your enemy’s weapon has 5 arrows, you should try to defeat him as soon as possible and take his weapon; Otherwise, however, some of these bullets fired by the enemy will be destroyed and you may end up with only one empty weapon!

Hand-to-hand combat with cold weapons is also very stressful, and your enemy may even decide to run away and hide somewhere in the environment until you are surprised when you least expect it. All in all, this has made Condemned: Criminal Origins never feel safe for the player, and there is a constant fear in the game.

For Condemned: Criminal Origins, a sequel called Condemned 2: Bloodshot was released in 2008, but this version is not available on PC and is only available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, if you’re a fan of horror games and for whatever reason have not been to this game to date, em Condemned: Criminal Origins is still well worth the experience.

The main menu of the game Pony Island

Game Pony Island

Undoubtedly, Inscryption was one of the special and successful works of 2021. This game was made by Daniel Mullins, and in his repertoire, one can find other strange games; One of these games is Pony Island, a product of 2016, for which a strange game is perhaps the best description; Because Pony Island is a work that is not easy to explain in text, and perhaps the best explanation for it is to say that if your heart wants a special and different game, trust me and take a few hours!

Pony Island looks very misleading! Because at first glance, everything seemed very simple and happy. You are behind an arcade device and you want to experience a game through it. But from the first moment, Pony Island shows that this is just the appearance of the story, and even starting this game will have its own story, and it is not as simple as you think.

Pony Island mini-game

Just like Inscryption, on Pony Island we see a combination of different styles by Daniel Mullins. Pony Island itself is a game within the whole game in which you have to experience an arcade-like effect by guiding a horse. But beyond Pony Island, this game constantly engages the audience in solving strange puzzles, the solutions of which are even stranger than the puzzle itself! Of course, make no mistake, I do not mean that the game has no logic, and on the contrary, its logic, while irrational, is what makes Pony Island a very special game.

Pony Island was very well received after its release and was able to get a meta score of 86. The specific style and context of the game, and simply put, the individual components of the work, make it very easy to suggest Pony Island, and if you have not had the opportunity to experience it to date, I suggest that you do not miss it in any way.

In the end, please share your opinions about this week’s games with Zomji and its users.

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