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What to play this weekend: From Metal Gear to a bitter war story

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In the fiftieth episode of Chi Weekend Essays, we come across a different but fascinating version of Metal Gear, and we have an engaging work centered on World War II. Be with Zomji.

As usual on Wednesdays, this week we will introduce two games in another part of the series of weekend articles, which reached its fiftieth episode this week. The first game is a work from a well-known series, and the second work is a very impressive experience centered on one of the most bitter wars in human history. So be with the introduction of the games:

Game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

For the first game of the week, we went to one of the most influential stealth series, Metal Gear; Of course, with the explanation that the selected version of it is not a secret work that is considered as hacking and slash experiences and was made by Platinum Games Studio. Yes, I mean Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a product of 2013, the main reason for choosing it was that, firstly, the original versions of the Metal Gear series on the computer platform do not give us much choice, and in addition, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a work in Compared to the original and secret versions of the collection, it is easier to access and enjoy it without the need for a background and similar information.

After the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Hideo Kojima and his team had ideas for the next version of Metal Gear, which was to be Metal Gear Solid 5. The game was supposed to include the bass character and members of the Cobra Unit, but the project was not very interesting at the time. For this reason, one of the members suggested that the ideas related to this game be turned into a work centered on Raiden character; Especially since Raiden was in Guns of the Patriots, so the decision was made to make Metal Gear Solid: Rising, and it was supposed to portray Raiden on the verge of becoming a cyber.

However, the development process of Metal Gear Solid: Rising began, and although we witnessed the official introduction of the game and even various news of the game were published in the events, but in late 2010, the project was canceled in a news silence; The reason for this was the different style of play compared to the main metal catchers, which creates new challenges in its development. Rumors later circulated that the project might be transferred to foreign studios, but Hideo Kojima himself would have preferred a Japanese studio to take over the project, so he asked Atsushi Inaba to meet with Platinum Games. To develop this game.

As a result of this meeting, Platinum Games Studio officially took over the development of the game, and after a while, the game was introduced under the new name of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The game’s new creators made major changes to the original design, such as the removal of stealth features and even a series of changes to the storyline to allow the development team to implement their ideas for a hack and slash effect. Finally, the 2013 game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and a year later for the PC, and ironically, with its different style and context, it was well received.

As mentioned, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance brings us to the character of Raiden, whose main weapon is a sword. The game is what is expected of Platinum Games, and if your bloodthirsty action is low and your heart wants the thrill of fast fencing and breathtaking action, this version of Metal Gear will be a perfect experience. The game mechanics of the game are still very attractive despite the fact that 8 years have passed, and at the top of it is the high freedom of action that the game gives you to use the sword; Where you can move your weapon as you wish and slaughter the various enemies in the game. Of course, Raiden equipment is not limited to this weapon, and even items such as rocket launchers and grenades are available over time so that you have no shortage of figures for a crazy slaughter.

Of course, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has a different style and context than the original Metal Gear versions and focuses more on creating fast-paced action, but the game is also very good in terms of storytelling, and after its release, this aspect is also praised. Critics were exposed. If for any reason you have not come across this version of Metalurgir to date, these last days of 2021, when not many games will be released, are a great opportunity to experience it.

Game Attentat 1942

For the second game this week, we go to a work centered on World War II called Attentat 1942, which is made in the style of hint and click adventure. Attentat 1942 is one of those games that, if you have a little interest in history and especially the history related to World War II, you will get involved in its events very soon, and since the game is based on historical facts, it can be very interesting for you.

The story of Attentat 1942 is related to the assassination of Reinhart Heydrich in Prague. Heydrich was one of the high-ranking Nazi officials to control Czech He was sent to Prague and achieved great success there. But in 1942, he was assassinated in this city, and the game chose this event as an excuse to tell his story; Where the grandfather of the main character of the game is arrested as one of the accused in this incident and now you have to find the answers to various questions related to this incident; How does the grandfather relate to the assassination? Why did he not share any information about this with his family and the countless other questions that make the Attentat 1942 story fascinating and valuable?

One of the main factors that makes Attentat 1942 a valuable game is the portrayal of real and bitter faces of war, without giving it an exaggerated glamor. The game puts you in the role of a character who can touch these bitter historical events up close, and of course, because we are on the side of a video game, interact with them through dialogues and other decisions, and over time, by getting New clues, ‌ Unveil the mystery of the game’s events.

The Attentat 1942 is also visually, and especially audio, designed to better convey this bitterness and realism of its experience to the audience. So if you’re eager to experience the game by reading these descriptions, take the time to look at this lesser-known effect these days.

Finally, please share your opinions about this week’s games with Zomji and its users.

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