What to play this weekend: From Thief to a MetroDvina experience


In this part of the series of weekend articles, what do we play?

In another part of the series of weekend articles, what to play, as usual, we have introduced two different games; The first game is a version of the Thief series, which counts as a reboot, and the second game is a lesser-known but valuable work called Timespinner, which takes players into a spectacular world with pixel art design. Please continue with the introduction of the games.

Gareth's character is hiding in Thief

Game Thief

For the first game this week, we went to one of the old secret series; Thief game, a product of 2014, which is the fourth version and a reboot of this series. Of course, before we talk more about the game, it should be noted that this version of Thief has a relatively lower level than the previous three versions, and if you have a problem with outdated graphics and things like that, maybe even older versions They are a more attractive offer to experience, but even this latest version will be a happy time, especially for fans of the stealth style.

Thief was first introduced in 2009 under the original name Thief 4; However, the game development process took a long time, and for this reason, in 2013, in an issue of GameInformer magazine, the game was officially unveiled once again under the name Thief, and it was revealed that it was supposed to be a reboot of the series. The interesting thing that happened at the time of the game’s introduction was that due to the dark space and special design style that can be seen in the pictures, many believed that Thief was trying to look like a dissident game; But the fact is that the series also had an atmosphere from the beginning, and perhaps a 10-year hiatus between the third and fourth editions caused many to compare it to a work like Disander.

However, Thief, which was originally intended to be a work in progress for seventh-generation consoles, was finally released in 2014 for PC and eighth-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The story of the game, once again brings us with the character Garrett accompanies; A character that even in the initial ideas of making a new version, suggestions were made to change him, but in the end, Idas decided to keep this character. Garrett, who has been away from his hometown for a long time, returns to the city at the beginning of the game and finds it in a strange situation; On the one hand, a certain disease has spread, and on the other hand, there is a terrible class difference in society; The difference that has caused the rich to be in complete peace and well-being and the poor to be struggling with very difficult conditions, which has led to the formation of different groups among this group to fight the rulers.

Dark World Game Thief

I do not intend to divulge the details of the game’s story, but we should also know that Thief, although most of his focus is on presenting a secret gameplay, but in terms of story is not a worthless effect at all, and joining Garett and leaving behind adventures sometimes The strangeness that is going on in this mysterious and dark city has enough traction to engage the audience until the end of the game. After all, one of the best aspects of Thief is its unique atmosphere and atmosphere; A dark space with a Gothic and Victorian atmosphere that you will definitely fall in love with if you have a headache for such environments.

In terms of gameplay, however, Thief is a mere stealth game, and perhaps that was the reason why some critics did not like it; By mere concealment, I mean that just like any other version of this series, in Thief you should try to achieve the goals set in the steps, which are like stealing a certain item, without the slightest fuss and in complete secrecy. Leave it behind. Some critics of the game have pointed out that this has made Thief a bit one-dimensional and, for example, the main character does not have much tools to fight the enemies when his presence is revealed. But on the other hand, for example, Digital Spy, with the admiration of the game, has introduced it as a well-made stealth effect, which, of course, has its drawbacks.

One of the good features of Thief is that it leaves the player free to choose how to perform missions; I mentioned earlier that your tool for this purpose is stealth, but how you do this stealth is up to you, and on the other hand, the structure of the steps is sometimes such that you can get valuable items with a little more risk and through them Improve your personality with new equipment. Overall, Thief, with all its flaws, will still be a lovable stereotype enthusiast, and if you haven’t heard, now is a good time to do so.

The main character and companion of Timespinner


For the second game this week, we go to a Metrodinia work called Timespinner. This game was released in 2018, and although it is not a very well-known effect, but if you are a fan of games like Castleonia, you will definitely enjoy playing it.

Timespinner is about a character whose families are strangely murdered and who himself regains consciousness at an unknown time. This character is trying to take revenge on his family as much as possible and find out why he escaped from this strange and unknown place. For this purpose, the main character of the game has the power of time control, which plays a key role in both fights and puzzles.

The Timespinner, which was also funded by a Kickstarter campaign, says its creators are inspired by popular style games, especially the Symphony of the Night version of Castleonia. In fairness, the creators have done a very good job of implementing MetroDynia-style elements. The world designed for Timespinner has a pixel art mode and offers great environmental diversity. In this world, there are all kinds of hidden parts that can be found in them thanks to the abilities of the main character and, of course, a little curiosity.

Timespinner Bass Fight

But certainly one of the main positive features of Timespinner is its struggles; The battles that take place with ordinary enemies and bosses, and especially game bosses, are very well designed and will challenge your skills a lot. The availability of time-stopping power is a unique feature that adds more depth to the game’s struggles.

All in all, if you’re a fan of Metroidvina games, Timespinner will be a good choice for you, and you can have hours of fun in its spectacular world.

In the end, please share your opinions about this week’s games with Zomji and its users.

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