Who is Boba Fett and is he a Mendelian? | Under the pretext of airing The Book of Boba Fett


On the occasion of the launch of The Book of Boba Fett, we decided to get to know Boba Fett better and see if he is a Mendeler or just looks like them. So stay tuned to Zomji and this article.

Boba Fatt is one of the most popular characters in the world of Star Wars, who was first introduced in The Empire Strikes Back, and then we saw him in Return of the Jedi, but in this movie he was eaten and killed by a creature named Sarlock. In any case, Boba Fat became a very popular character, and this high popularity caused Lucasfilm to decide to change the fate of this popular award, and finally last year we saw the return of this character in the second season of The Mandalorian series. It has been a while since the airing of The Book of Boba Fett series began, in which we see the continuation of Boba Fett’s adventure in the world of Star Inc. Now, on the occasion of the start of the broadcast of this series, we are going to get to know more about the character of Boba Fat. So stay tuned to Zomji.

Boba Fate is flying on the planet Tatooine and shooting at enemies

Who is Boba Fate?

Boba Fat is actually the perfect clone of Django Fat

To get acquainted with Boba Fat, it is better to first get acquainted with the father of this award winner. Following Boba Fat’s popularity in the Star Wars trilogy, George Lucas introduced another award-winning character in the Star Wars trilogy, Django Ft, who was Boba Fat. Django Fat was a famous award winner from the planet Mendelerin who decided to take another path and left the planet for this purpose. Django was born on a planet called Concord Dawn and is said to have been taken care of by the Mendelians and, after training by the Mendelians, became a member of the Mendelians and grew up as a Mendelian warrior.

Django Fat then fought in the Mendelian Civil War and later acquired his own armor, but after working as a Mendelian decided to become a space hunter. Of course, the Mendelians have always denied any connection to him, saying that he is a prize-winner who has stolen a valuable object from the Mendelssohn’s past. Django Fat quickly gained a reputation in the galaxy, and his high fighting ability led the Dark Lord to decide to offer him his DNA to produce an army of clones. Django ft accepted the offer on one condition, and that was to build a flawless clone that was exactly like him.

Django Fat and the Clone Army in Star Wars World

Boba Fatt in the movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clones witnessed the death of his father by Miss Window

The result was the creation of the character Boba Fat, known as his son. More Django ft by Miss Window in the movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and was killed in front of Boba Ft in the eyes of Genesis, which made Boba Fat hate hatred. Boba Fat continued to seek revenge on his father during the Clone Wars animation, but this young Boba attempt was not very successful and he was forced to abandon his decision. He was further trained by other prize-winners and friends of his father to become a skilled and famous prize-winner in the galaxy.

Buba Fett became a very popular award winner years later, to the point where he became very popular on the planet Tatooine. Boba Fat was very popular with Darth Vader and Jaba De Hut. Boba Fatt went on to work with the empire, in which he was selected as one of Darth Vader’s six award winners for capturing the crew of the Millennium Falcon, and was able to capture Han Solo and take him to Jaba de Hatt on the planet Tatooine. However, he fell into a ditch during a fight with Luke Skywalker and was eaten and killed by Sarlak.

Boba Fett is escaping from the Sarlock Pit in the comic

Boba Fett was initially killed in the main Star Wars trilogy, but his fate changed years later.

Although Boba Fat was actually killed at first, years later Lucasfilm decided to change the character. Of course, it might be interesting to know that George Lucas quickly regretted killing Boba Fat in the main Star Wars trilogy, and years later Boba Fat was revived in the comic book world. He was able to jump out of the pit using a jet skipper and escape from Sarlak. Of course, a large part of Boba Fat’s reputation in the toy market was related to the Star Wars series, and although this character did not have a very colorful presence in movies, he initially became very popular among Star Wars fans mostly because of his different and attractive appearance.

Boba Ft’s character finally returns in the second season of The Mandalorian, and we find out that his story is set to continue as a crime lord in the world of Star Wars in his independent series, but Lucasfilm then decides how to save Boba Ft. A little change from Sarlock in The Book of Boba Fett. But Boba Ft was very similar to Dean Jarin, the main character of the Mendelian series, and even at first many thought that this series was actually Boba Ft, but you may have wondered if Boba Ft is a Mendelian or something. Is there another?

Mandelorian with Boba Fett and Fenk Shand in the sixth episode of the second season of The Mandalorian

Is Boba Fat a Mendeler? Who are the Mendelians?

Boba Fat is actually a Mendeler, but he followed in his father’s footsteps and the Menderes never recognized him.

If we are to summarize this answer very briefly, Boba Fett is both a Mendeler and not. He is the son of Django Fat and his father was also considered a Mendelian, and since Boba is a clone of his father, he is technically considered a Mendelian. But this does not mean that the Mendelians recognize him as one of their own, and of course Boba Fat himself never tried to be one of the Mendelians. In fact, Boba Fate decided to become a famous prize-winner in the galaxy like his father, and of course the planet Mendelerin had already fallen, and now the Mendelians were scattered throughout the galaxy.

But who are the Mendelians? Mendelurin was a desert planet made up of various tribes and sects known as legendary and extraordinary warriors who could defeat and fight separatists. Mendelssohn is best known for their distinctive appearance, which had a special coating. The planet Mendelerin was on the periphery of the galaxy, and as they continued to gain power, the Mendelians were able to conquer planets such as Kalevala. ،Krownest and Take Concord Dawn to their colony. But the Mendeleev Civil War was one of the biggest events in the galaxy, which gradually gave rise to peaceful sentiments on the planet.

Dean Jarin, Bo Katan and other members of the Mandelorians in the 11th episode of The Mandalorian

The Mendelssohn Civil War between Deathwatch and Satin Cruise led to the downfall of the planet Mendeler

The result was a change in the Mendelian way of life, with Satin Cruz leading the Mendelssohn and declaring neutrality in the Clone Wars. Other old Mendelssohn also scattered around the galaxy, and new ones took control of the planet. Although decades of peace have prevailed on the planet Mendellar, the new Mendelian government faced a new threat called the Death Watch. The Deathwatch consisted of exiled members of the Mendelians who decided to return to the Mendelssohn’s belligerent practices and prepared for a civil war. Even Satan’s sister Bo Katan Crazy was a member of Death Watch.

The new Mendeleev Civil War weakened the government and then occupied it by the Republic and then the Empire. Palpatine then decided to make Bo Katan the new leader of the Mendelians, but Bo Katan rejected Palpatine’s request for Gar Saxon to take over the leadership of the Mendelssohn. Like many planets, the Mendelian Empire was oppressed during the Mandrelian Empire, and weapons such as the Arc Pulse Generator were developed to calm them down.

Bo-Katan Crazy with red hair against Mando in the second season of The Mandalorian

Cologne Saxon then clashed with Cologne Rennes and Cologne Crazy, along with Fan Rao, the former leader of the Mendelian Guard. Eventually these events led to the great purge of Mendeleev, in which the empire killed a large number of Mendeleev people and even led many to think that they were extinct. Of course, this purge, which was briefly aired on The Mandalorian, was not the end of Mendelian work, and the surviving Mendelian survivors, like a tribe, were forced to live secretly around the galaxy. Now Bo Katan is trying to regain the Dark Cyber ​​Sword and reunite his people to retake the Mendelians.

Darth Vader and Boba Fat in The Empire Strikes Back

From the presence of Boba Fett and Mendeleev in cinema and television to their fate

Jeremy Bullock played Boba Fate in the main Star Wars trilogy, but Temura Morrison played Django Fate in the premiere trilogy.

Boba Fat’s first appearance in the Star Wars world dates back to the Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired in 1978. Then we saw the first official appearance of this character in cinema in the movie The Empire Strikes Back, in which he was an award winner with an attractive and different appearance and was able to attract a lot of attention. Then we saw the return of Boba Fate in Return of the Jedi, but as we said before, the presence of this character in these two films was short, and in fact, its popularity made George Lucas regret his decision. Of course, Boba Fatt was originally supposed to play a more important role, but then the program changed.

Jeremy Bullock played Boba Ft in both Star Wars films, but since we never saw his face, he left George Lucas free to show the character. Temura Morrison was cast as Django Fate in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Given Boba’s character origins and clone nature, Boba Fat was no longer similar in appearance to his father, and if a film or series of the award was to be made at the time, Tamura Morrison would probably be the first choice of the creators. Of course, Lucasfilm once tried to produce Boba Fett, and it was even said at the time that they were looking to hire another actor.

Boba Fett and Hank Shend talk to a group of villains in The Book of Boba Fett

During the animation of The Clone Wars, we saw the Mendeleev Civil War and the fall of the planet

According to the rumor, the film was originally supposed to explain that Boba Fat decided to change his appearance and the reason was shown, but this was never confirmed or denied, and of course Boba Fat was eventually canceled. In the movie Attack of the Clones, we saw the child version of Boba Fat, and the child version of this character was present in the animation The Clone Wars. In the animation of Clone Wars, we also saw the arrival of Mendelian, whose story line became very popular among the fans of animation, and caused the events of the Civil War and the fall of Mendelian to be depicted in The Clone Wars animation.

Of course, we also saw the Mandelors in the Star Wars Rebels animation, but eventually the popularity of the Mandelors led to the creation of The Mandalorian series for Disney Plus. Of course, the Mendeleev series was apparently very similar to the original script of Boba Ft. Like Boba Fett, Dean Jarin is a Mendeleev from another planet and is now a well-known prize winner. In the first season of The Mandalorian series, the character of Boba Fat was mentioned, and in the second season, we witnessed the colorful presence of Boba Fat, played by Temura Morrison. We also see the presence of popular Mendelians such as Bo Katan in the Mendeler series.

The characters of Mandelori and Baby Yoda in the series The Mandaloran are walking on a transparent surface

The story of Boba Fett continued after the second season of The Mendeleev series in The Book of Boba Fett, in which we see Boba Fett being rescued from the Sarlock Pit to his attempt to become a master of crime. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Of course, The Bad Batch animation also mentions Boba Fat, which is due to the existence of a character named Omega, who is somehow the most perfect clone made after Boba Fat, and she is actually Boba Ft. Of course, it seems a bit unlikely that Boba Fett will be in the animated series The Bad Batch, but maybe we will see Omega in The Book of Boba Fett?

Of course, one of the common mistakes in the Mendeleev series is that many people think that the name of the main character is actually Mendeleev, and in fact he is called Dean Jarin, in which Pedro Pascal plays the role of this character. The Mandalorian series is set to return for a third season, and now the main question is whether the series is going to live up to its promise, and in the next season we will see the Mendelians trying to recapture the planet Mandelorian, or is the series still going to follow a different path? Of course, John Favreau, the creator of the series, has repeatedly mentioned the possibility of making a Mandalorian film, and maybe the final battle will be made in the form of a movie.

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