Willem Dafoe: The story of the Joker movie sequel could be about two Jokers


In an interview, Willem Dafoe talked about his idea to create a Joker movie sequel starring Wakeen Phoenix.

Recently and during the news of cinema and television, ‌ Willem Dafoe “I have something interesting about this in my mind,” he said in a recent interview with GQ of his idea for the sequel to The Joker. For example, what if [درکنار جوکر اصلی با نقش‌آفرینی واکین فینیکس] There was another character who impersonated the Joker and impersonated him. This is not about a confrontation and a war between two jokers. It seems very interesting if a character enters the story and claims to be a joker.

It really creates an interesting story situation; Especially if we have the Wakeen Phoenix Joker and a character imitating him introduces himself as the main joker. I was dreaming about this idea and I have never talked to anyone about it. “You are the first person to hear it from me.”

Picture of Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborne

Willem Dafoe, whose exemplary and admirable skill is not hidden from any of the fans of cinema and television, showed how skilled he is in acting as a negative role of cinematic works by playing roles such as the character of Green Goblin in the Spider-Man film series. Defoe has once again forced fans to fantasize about making a Joker character with his role-playing role by starring in the acclaimed Spider-Man No Way Home and presenting a crazy portrayal of the Green Goblin character. Defoe says about playing negative roles in movies:

“It’s really enjoyable to play evil characters. Because they allow you to do things you could not do in your normal life. Playing with our dark half is really fun. But I really do not know. “I do not think about these things at all.”

The sequel to the Joker Phoenix series starring the Joker has not yet been announced, and if that work is actually made, it is not yet certain whether the creators will use Willem Dafoe’s idea. Noteworthy about Defoe’s talk, but very similar to the Three Jokers adventures in the new Batman comics; Stories that show that there is not just one joker in the world and that there are people who commit evil acts with this name and this image and this behavior.

what do you think? Would you like to make a Wakeen Phoenix Joker sequel with the idea of ​​Willem Dafoe and his role as a fake joker? Write your comments for Zomji.

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