Work on the AAA Blizzard survival game began a few years ago


According to a new report, a new, unnamed game based on Blizad’s name may have been in development for almost five years.

Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that it is developing a new AAA based game for consoles and PCs. Details of the project are not available at this time, and Blizzard’s official hiring announcement, released a few days ago, indicated that the game would be in the early stages of development. However, a recent PC gamer media report suggests that some developers may have taken the first steps in making the game about five years ago.

Craig Amai, The project manager previously worked on the World of Warcraft game development team and, according to information on LinkedIn’s profile, left it in July 2017 to work on Blizzard’s Axis game; A work that at first was just a simple idea. In addition, there is evidence that the project in question is in a state that can be experienced. Mike Yabara, Blizzard CEO recently tweeted that he had played “a few hours” of the project. Of course, the development time of this game does not determine the time of its release. So fans now have to lower their expectations and wait for the official information to be released.

Blizzard said in 2019 that it had more projects under development than before. They seem to be struggling with all of these projects, which are mostly live-service; Especially considering the controversy and the departure of some key members of the company. Fans should not expect to experience Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 any time soon, and these effects will not be available to players until at least 2023.

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