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WRC 10 release date for Nintendo Switch has been announced

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Nacon and Kitty Racing have announced the release date for WRC 10 for the Nintendo Switch.

Last year, WRC 10 racing game was released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms and was able to get good feedback. The Nintendo Switch version of the game was also introduced by Nacon, the publisher of WRC 10. Although the release date of the Switch version was not announced at the time of its release, we are now seeing the release date of the game for Nintendo users.

Kitty Racing Studios and Nekon have announced that WRC 10 will be released on Nintendo Switch on March 17. WRC 10 is a rally simulation game, but it also has various arcade elements, and gamers in this racing game will have access to content such as Career mode, historical matches, online section and other sections.

WRC 10 was able to get a score of 7 from Zomji. Zomji in the description WRC 10 game review is written:

WRC 10 tries to be a rally simulator, but the poor design of some of the machines makes the game more of an archetypal experience than the previous versions. However, the different modes along with the 50-year-old WRC 10 mode make it a fun experience. The game is also visually beautiful, and the use of the DualSense controller is what makes you experience a completely ninth generation experience in this regard.

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