Xbox X / S series sells faster than previous Microsoft consoles


Xbox X sales speed The Xbox S Series has been more than any previous Xbox so far.

It’s been 14 months since the release of Microsoft’s Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series. In the latest game news, Phil Spencer He confirmed that they have sold more than any other Xbox console in the same period. So the Xbox X / S series is ahead of the Xbox console, Xbox 360 console and Xbox One console in this regard. Because none of them managed to reach the total sales of Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series in the first 14 months of its release in the first 14 months.

The Xbox 360 is the best-selling gaming console in Microsoft history, reaching approximately 85 million console sales throughout its release period. So it is clear that if the Xbox X Series | The Xbox S Series continues to have higher sales speeds than it could at the end of the generation. Gamersradar Media believes that the simultaneous release of two Xbox consoles and the lower price of the S Series have contributed to Microsoft reaching this sales speed.

It should not be forgotten that pandemics and other issues have caused Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to face various challenges in the production of consoles. These problems can continue until 2023. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, says the issue is not the small number of consoles produced. In fact, launching consoles may be as powerful as ever, or even more so than in previous years. But people’s demand for products is so high that it goes beyond the supply of companies.

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